The Many Faces Of Victoria Beckham

August 9th, 2005 // 25 Comments

It’s hard to imagine that she wasn’t the one called Scary Spice.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ugly Spice

    She still looks like a skeleton with boobs.

  2. Cynthia

    That first photo somehow reminds me of the painting, “The Scream” by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.

  3. kelly

    i still dont understand why beckham likes her soo much, i do not see the appeal at all

  4. Gossip Guru

    It looks like she is high and she thinks that she is some type of lioness. I think she may be on acid and is in awe of all the flashing bulbs.

  5. Ashley

    at least she got out of the limo without showing her cooch unlike other celebs

  6. anon

    she isn’t the prettiest woman in the world but i don’t think she looks ‘scary’…

  7. doofus

    as much as I DO give her credit for being able to get out of limo while not flashing her coochie, I have to agree with kelly…I do NOT see why a hottie like David Beckham would find her attractive.

    she looks like an alien, like a skeleton with boobs, like EW I don’t even know what. but certainly not a beautiful woman.

    and she didn’t used to look like that, did she? I don’t recall her looking like that when she was a Spice girl.

  8. eek!

    She looks like a bug

  9. Scott

    I watched Spice World last night!

  10. PoshnBecks4ever

    I loved Posh and Becks back in the day, but she does look harsh now. The bad boob job, the fake nails (hasn’t anyone told her that her nails look like shit), and the gross orange skin!!!!

    Becks is hot, but remember, he was just a common looking footballer before Posh got her claws on him. Ironic that he is now the bigger star out of the two. That being said, Becks, you know who to call when you want to get your freak on! Love you, love you forever!

  11. nobody

    she’s vile – outside of her l’il black gucci dress

  12. Lorena

    Skin’s too orangie, hair’s too lightened.

  13. chingchoi

    OMG what does that hot hunk of man (Beckham) see in this tired SKANK!

  14. morty z

    Change the nose and change the color of her kids and it’s Angelina Jolie

  15. b


  16. Bedstuy

    It always comes to this. We are soo critical of women that they are constantly are trying to “better” themselves until they look freakish. And it is not becase of men. It is women who judge so harshly. Beck is not that hot. He isn’t. But when you are a guy all you have to do is wear nice clothes (thanks to her she does) be reasonably fit and put a hot woman on your arm. The only catch is you have to keep rotating the woman because its almost impossible for one to keep up with the ridiculous standards. Sad, because she was a good looking woman at one point.

    Now, I am depressed.

  17. bad bunny

    some pics make her look like E.T…or an alien with a tiny body and a big round head

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  19. Caz

    She’s a self obsessed freak. She looked so much better before all the surgery. I’d hate to think how those kidss are going to turn out. Like the planet needs more spoilt brats running about! And she insists they haven’t finished breeding yet. God help us all!

  20. I still think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

  21. nunya

    ORANGuTAN Spice!!!!!!!! (Orange tan coupled with apelike facial expressions!)

  22. little lulu

    you are all a bunch of sad fucking idiots! she is hot, he is hot and they belong together. don’t be jealous of what u don’t have people,hahhahahaha

  23. bunny

    i dont kno wot u lot r on about, but victoria is NOT ugly she is beautiful and evry1 who disagrees needs to take a look at themselves in the mirror before they criticize her!!! you are just sad jealous people because she is good looking and has evrythin, and of course u dont! ;->

  24. Tikki

    “Look at me! Look at me! I’m a sexy vixen and every man is at my feet!” NOT!!!!! I hate this woman with a passion.

  25. Andy

    i think that victoria beckham is an absolutely stunningly beautiful person, and if it wasn’t for her good business sense Mr David Beckham wouldnt be so quite well known, she has made hi into a superstar, not his football.

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