The Madoption Process Continues


Madonna seemed to keep running into snag after snag during the process of adopting her baby boy from Malawi, David Banda. However, it looks like she’s moving forward at this time, when a social worker was finally granted the go-ahead to stay with Madge and her brood in order to assess if David’s living environment with the family is a suitable one. People reports:

“There has been a change of mind by my government minister,” Penstone Kilembe, the director of Malawi’s Child Welfare Services, said. “I am expected to spend two weeks.”

The official word on the initial stumbling block during this assessment process is that it was simply a “misunderstanding” and that everyone has now worked it all out. Man, adoption sounds complicated. Knowing now how difficult of a process it is now, I think I’ll just go ahead and get fat with some kids of my own when the time comes.

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