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August 19th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Yes he’s four, and no it’s obviously not a real blog, but it’s damn funny. Here’s how Maddox feels about Brad.

I have a hero in my life, and it’s not Spiderman or Franz Ferdinand (but I love them both. Especially Mr. Ferdinand – I love his songs!). It’s my dad, Brad! BradDad!! Ange had no problem with me calling him BradDad, but she told me I shouldn’t get my hopes up when it was all brand new and stuff. But now, with Zahara and Ange BFFing, I needed someone in my life to be my friend. BradDad is not just my friend, though. He’s my HERO, and he could beat up anyone else if he wanted to. Have you seen Fight Club? I’ve seen it 16 times already.

He also touches on another baby, his sister, Bob Geldof and more.

Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero? [AutoMaddox]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mary

    Although the blog hasnt said anything rude yet, but somehow using a 4 yr old’s expense for entertainment seems kid of cruel. It’s only a matter of time something rude will be said and the kid will be attacked by ignorant posters.

    PPl should really think about that.

  2. Buntcake

    Maddox is so adorable… Just thought I’d take this opportunity to say that :P

  3. Tracey S

    What’s wrong with people making fun of Maddox?

    His stupid mother is the one who has PIMPED HIM OUT TO THE PRESS AND INCLUDES HIM IN MAGAZINE PHOTOSHOOTS AS PART OF HER “IMAGE”.The little f*cker is famous because SHE PIMPED him out to get positive publicity for herself. That kid would have been better off in Cambodia than with the crazy manstealing cuttter as a mother.

    Bring on the potshots. With a mother this crazy what do people expect?

  4. xander

    Uh… Jennifer Aniston, is that you? Bitter much? LMAO.

  5. woww

    it never fails..stupid 15 yr olds posting their dumb, ignorant comments = Tracey S.

  6. Adi

    Damn sure does sound like Jennifer Aniston to me. She’s just bitter that Jennifer doesn’t have anyone better to F&ck these days haha!

  7. Ch@nel

    dont verbally abuse Maddox, Tracey S. Scold and rant at his “mother” but not him.

  8. Bradley

    I really do not like Maddox that much but my girlfriend is crazy about him. And she thinks that i look like Maddox and i do agree.

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