The Macauley Culkin Gay Mess

This just keeps getting weirder. Then of course Paris Hilton has to join in the fun, along with Simon Rex and Nick Carter. You must check out popbytes for all the salacious details.

A couple comments on the whole deal.

- If this is true, it’s very creepy how much Jeffrey Brunner and Macauley Culkin look alike.

- While I completely believe Simon Rex swings both ways; Jeffrey Brunner”

- There’s always been the Nick Carter gay rumor as well – which now seems more of a bisexual rumor, given the Paris/Nick sextraviganza tape.

- If there’s a sex tape of Simon Rex and Jeffrey Brunner. Once again I question; Jeffrey Brunner?

- If there’s a sex tape of Macauley Culkin and Jeffrey Brunner, my question is: “why have sex with a virtual twin?”

So I”m calling the whole bunch bisexual, sans the gay Brunner and the heterosexually whorish Hilton.