The Lost Seinfeld Episode Entitled, “The Unpaid Debt”

January 19th, 2007 // 1 Comment

After legal proceedings in which Jerry Seinfeld claimed that his broker didn’t earn the commission to which she’s claiming she’s entitled resulted in a ruling in the broker’s favor, it looks like Jerry’s going to have to fork over another $100,000 more for the $3.95 million town house he recently purchased on the Upper West Side. According to USA Today:

Seinfeld had argued that the broker, Tamara Cohen, didn’t deserve the commission because she failed to show the West 82nd Street brownstone on the Jewish Sabbath, the day the Seinfelds wanted to see it.

The Seinfelds looked at the house and made a deal to buy it without Cohen after they were unable to reach her and she failed to return their calls.

Cohen said she had told the Seinfelds she observed the Jewish Sabbath and couldn’t work between Friday evening and sundown Saturday. But the Seinfelds told the court they didn’t know why Cohen didn’t return their calls.

State Supreme Court Justice Rolando Accosta said “the evidence clearly indicates she served as the Seinfelds’ real estate broker” and that she had shown them a number of residences before finding the town house.

Are they sure this wasn’t Larry David? Cause this strikes me as a classic Larry David/George Costanza-type situation/”Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode.

Yada yada yada — and I owed $100,000 [USA Today]


By Lisa Timmons

  1. G-LicIous

    I’m a jew and no I don’t think she deserves it either. Yeah she’s a broker… but no she didn’t show them the house that they wanted to see. So she infact didn’t do her job. Yeah she couldn’t show it to them on that specific date… but its apart of your job to give your clients what they want.. they are the ones paying you… if someone else showed them the house they should get paid for it and not her….

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