The Little Prince Off to War?

There’s been lots of talk that 22-year old Prince Harry might be shipped off to Iraq, but as of late, the most convincing chatter to that effect has come from his girlfriend, Chelsy Davis, who has reportedly been quoted as saying, “Haz is off to war.” The Sun Online reports:

Officially, the Ministry of Defence insists that a final decision about whether second lieutenant Harry will be allowed to fight in Iraq has yet to be made. The Prince has always said he is determined to do battle with his 100-strong unit, A Squadron of the Blues and Royals — part of the Household Cavalry. They begin a six-month tour of Iraq in the spring. And before that, they are expected to take part in war games and exhaustive preparations for conflict. The decision over the young Royal is deemed so important it will be made by the Army’s top man, Chief of the General Staff General Sir Richard Dannatt.

Here in the States, our issue is queens in the military–over in the UK, the question of the day is princes in the military. Those silly Europeans, so different and yet so similar.

Chelsy: My Harry is off to Iraq [The Sun Online]

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