The Lindsay Lohan News Roundup

June 28th, 2006 // 11 Comments

There is so much to report in the world of La Lohan, so why not throw it all together and see what sticks?

First up, there’s Lindsay Lohan the shopaholic. The UK Mirror claims she spent over $1million just on clothes. Even in designer clothes, that’s a hell of a lot of clothing, considering how many freebies she receives. That said, Lindsay’s penchant for clothing has turned her into a style icon for the younger set. According to Life & Style magazine, Lindsay (who tops their style list – National Ledger has the top ten list) has brought leggings back. I’ll beg to differ.

She’s still a constant party girl, despite her claims that she isn’t. Page Six reported that she parties so much that her poor stylist, Nate Newell, couldn’t keep up with her. He ended up begging his friends for help. Lohan was said to be so upset to have been ditched that she text-messaged some friends: “[Newell] is dead to me.” She was also saying that Newell owes her for his portion of the hotel room, plane ticket and other expenses. One again, her poor publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, denies this story.

More Lindsay Lohan gossip and photos, after the jump.

Next up is the alleged fling Lindsay Lohan had with rocker Harry Judd of the band McFly (haven’t heard of them). The Scoop reports he’s saying they did the nasty, and she’s denying it. Once again, Lindsay’s rep Leslie Sloane Zelnik speaks: “He’s using these lies for publicity.” Sloane tells the Scoop. “It’s convenient how he’s making up these stories when he has an album coming out.”


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. d

    um…she’s got lipstick on her teeth in those pics. so classy.

    and seriously, if she’s spending $1 million on clothes, can she not afford a tailor? the fit on that jacket is just dreadful…

  2. hoo hoo


  3. Gossip Guru

    I have always said Lindsay can do no wrong by me, until now. She looks beautiful as usual ( except for the lipstick on her teeth ), but I am starting to think she think she is Kate Moss. Lindsay bring it back a littl and give us that trashy girl from Long Island that we all love!!

  4. trickytara

    first she tries to bring back the 80′s leggings, and now she’s trying to bring back the 80′s….powersuit? who is this freak? and apparently she didn’t give any of her “overseas men” blow jobs tonight because she has lipstick on her teeth…ugh

  5. fiz

    She looks like shit…nice wet n’ wild lipstick courtney love! She is crashing and burning big time

  6. Jen

    Why can’t people stand up straight in pictures? She looks retarded all angled and stuff. It does NOT make her look better, someone needs to tell her.

  7. BooBoo

    someone jsut wrote on Perez that there was breaking news that LL went into rehab this morning. I can’t find anything. ANYONE? MAKE MY DAY!

  8. petergabrielfan

    Boo Boo…someone puts that on Perez every day. I don’t know why they think it’s funny.

  9. doofus

    I will say that she looks better in these pics than in many others I’ve seen, but that ain’t saying much.

    she looks like a little girl playing dress up. The lipstick is too severe. Bright red is never a good choice for a freckled, fair skinned redhead. The suit jacket? Looks like it was taken from the “Dynasty” wardrobe trailer. And are her shoes actually YELLOW? Or light brown? either way, BARF.

    The lipstick on the teeth thing? honestly, who ELSE but someone under the influence wouldn’t notice that?

    She’s beautiful, but she’s going to be dead or at least completely washed up at 25 if she doesn’t change her ways.

  10. fluffy one

    Oh my Gawd…. calm down people. Would you rather have skank queen Paris to rip on? At least this girl works for her money! She’ll learn, give her time…

  11. ShoeSlut

    Fiz — I sure hope you’re right… Crash and burn, baby — crash and burn!

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