The Latest in the Madonna Adoption Scandal

At this point I’m not really sure what, or who, to believe anymore. The story keeps changing. He said, she said, they said, the media said. It’s so confusing. The latest take on this is that the father of Madonna’s adopted orphan has dismissed as a lie the singer’s claim on TV that his wife and other children died of AIDS.

The Daily Mail uses this sensationalistic lead to the story to imply that Madonna was the one who made the AIDS story up. Later in the article this is cleared up – sort of.

Despite his anger at the slurs, Mr Banda refused to blame Madonna and instead accused the orphanage of giving her “false information”.

However, an official at the Home of Hope Orphan Care Centre insisted: “We gave her no such information,” and instead pointed the finger at Malawi’s Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare.

At this point does it matter. I’m sure that many of the false stories that we are hearing in this case are the result of major miscommunications between all parties.

David’s father: I’ll never escape stigma of Madonna’s AIDS ‘lie’ [Daily Mail]

Written by Lauren Burch

(Image source, source via Gawker)

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