The Ladies Turned Out For Chanel

May 21st, 2007 // 2 Comments

Karl Lagerfeld is never known for being subtle, and he did not disappoint with his cruise collection show in an aircraft hanger at Santa Monica Airport. It may sound like a mundane location, but it was all about the execution. A jet cruised up to the hangar and out came the Chanel clad models.

The real-life runway was then transformed into a catwalk as models paraded in front of Demi Moore, Smile singer and Chanel muse Lily Allen, Victoria Beckham and mum-to-be Milla Jovovich.

Recently back from a week of partying in the Bahamas and Janet Jackson’s birthday party in the Big Apple, a Chanel-clad Lindsay Lohan arrived a full five hours before the extravaganza began – catching up with her pal Karl who let her try on his designs.

Meanwhile, Victoria, who is in LA for a fortnight to film a fly-on-the-wall programme about her and husband David Beckham’s imminent move there, was paying close attention to the proceedings. The stylish former Spice Girl, who was looking ultra chic in her mint green vintage Chanel jacket, is hoping to establish herself on the fashion scene in America and is busy designing a new range of jeans.


Many more photos (Demi Moore, Kristen Bell, Karl Lagerfeld, Victoria Beckham, Ali Larter, Ashley Olsen, Mary Kate Olsen, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts, Claudia Schiffer, Lindsay Lohan, Dita von Teese, Angie Harmon, Geena Davis, Ali Larter, Milla Jovovich, Elisha Cuthbert, Emily Rossum, Camilla Belle, Sarah Michelle Gellar) from the Chanel Cruise Collection show in Los Angeles after the jump.

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(Demi Moore)

(Kristen Bell, Karl Lagerfeld)

(Victoria Beckham, Ali Larter)

(Ashley Olsen, Mary Kate Olsen)

(Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba)

(Emma Roberts, Claudia Schiffer)

(Lindsay Lohan, Dita von Teese)

(Angie Harmon, Geena Davis)

(Ali Larter, Milla Jovovich)

(Elisha Cuthbert, Emily Rossum)

(Camilla Belle, Sarah Michelle Gellar)


By Jessica Marx

  1. Char

    Actually, it’s Emmy Rossum, not Emily.

  2. jonz

    Would somebody please explain to me how Victoria Beckham can have sooooo much money, the most expensive clothes, expensive hairdos, and yet be so unbelievable unattractive? How is it possible? I would have foregone the grapefruit halves bolted to me chest for a nose job, anyday. This chick is just never, ever attractive. I don’t get it. Yet she was adorable in the early Spice Girls days when she was hardly even trying. Vicky – gain some weight, give it a rest with the couture and endless hairstyles, and get back to basics.

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