The Ladies: 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards

It’s a challenge to dress yourself, knowing full well that you’re going to be photographed against the background of a bright orange carpet, but these stars did their best. Demi Lovato was almost unrecognizable with the hearty tan she was sporting, in her metallic bronze dress and black heels. I’m kind of apathetic about the look, except her hair really does look great.

Paula Abdul had a lot going on in her look. It’s nice to see that she managed to wipe off the mustache, but she seems to have found her way into Criss Angel’s closet, what with all the sheer black and chains. For her next trick, she will fall asleep with her eyes open! Ta-da!

Young Miranda Cosgrove hit the perfect pitch of playful and dressy with her black and white dress and kitten heels. A little on the skinny side, but we’ll fatten her up yet.

Emma Roberts
confused me a little with her red shift dress, which was quite all right, except that she chose to pair it with what looks like half a pair of boots.

Oh yes, and somewhere in there, Lisa Rinna was out and about, scaring the children.

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Gallery Info: Demi Lovato, Keke Palmer, Carrie Ann Inaba, Amber Valetta, Lisa Rinna, Miranda Cosgrove, Paula Abdul, Colbie Caillat, Amy Poehler, Emma Roberts, Tori Spelling, Victoria Justice and Brenda Strong on the red carpet at the Kids’ Choice Awards.