The ‘King of Fashion’ Gala

May 8th, 2007 // 4 Comments

The annual Costume Institute gala is one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year. This year the gala, ‘Poiret: King of Fashion’ Costume Institute Gala, was in the spirit of Paul Poiret–a.k.a. the self-proclaimed “King of Fashion.” There were a number of over the top outfits (Kirsten Dunst is coming later today), but overall tasteful fashion ruled this event. With the exception of Jessica Simpson shown above, who decided to put her clown face on for the event.

The evening’s hosts, Vogue’s Anna Wintour, Balenciaga’s Nicolas Ghesquière, and Cate Blanchett greeted guests at the end of the red carpet. “It’s not my first time,” said Mick Jagger after saying his hellos. “I’ve been before and it’s always a fantastic event.” A Narciso Rodriguez-clad Julia Louis-Dreyfus, on the other hand, confided “I have to admit I’m just learning.” Examining the Poiret dresses arrayed vignette-style in glass vitrines, she exclaimed, “Look at that, how modern! I would buy that now.”

During cocktail hour in the Carroll and Milton Petrie Sculpture Court, Kirsten Dunst, in vintage YSL, smooched her new paramour, Johnny Borrell of Razorlight; Julianne Moore and Stefano Pilati exchanged hugs with Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault; and Tom Ford mussed Jack McCollough’s new mod ‘do. Watching from the sidelines, actress and rock ‘n’ roller Juliette Lewis admitted to being a tad shy. “I’m a bit of an outsider at these things,” she said. “Especially because I’ve been living on a bus for the past six months with my band, The Licks, but Tommy Hilfiger asked me to come and it’s nice to dress up once in a while.”

We like seeing you dressed up as well Juliette (but maybe without the headband next time).

Tons more photos (Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Roberto Cavalli, Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bundchen, America Ferrera, Scarlett Johansson, Ellen Pompeo, Kate Bosworth, James Rousseau, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger, Juliette Lewis, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, Rose McGowan, Iman, David Bowie, Patricia Clarkson, Mira Sorvino, Christopher Backus) from the ‘Poiret: King of Fashion’ Costume Institute Gala (with more to come later) after the jump.


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(Lindsay Lohan)

(Jessica Simpson, Roberto Cavalli, )

(Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bundchen, America Ferrera)

(Scarlett Johansson, Ellen Pompeo)

(Kate Bosworth, James Rousseau)

(Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Liv Tyler)

(Renee Zellweger, Juliette Lewis)

(Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, Rose McGowan)

(Iman, David Bowie, Patricia Clarkson, Mira Sorvino, Christopher Backus)


(Photos of Kirsten Dunst, Johnny Borrell, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Jessica Simpson, John Mayer, Mischa Barton, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Garner, Valentino, Donatella Versace, Hilary Swank, Alicia Keys, Naomi Campbell, Naomi Watts, Liev Schrieber, Chloe Sevigny, Salma Hayek, Francois-Henri Pinault, Ivanka Trump, Ashley Olsen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Brooke Shields, Eva Mendes, Lucy Liu, Amanda Peet, Rihanna, Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany, Christina Ricci, Clare Danes, Hugh Dancy, Elizabeth Berkley, Kerry Washington, Molly Sims, Jennifer Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Chris Klein, Debra Messing, Julianne Moore are coming soon!)

By Jessica Marx

  1. isaidit

    Whew….I KNOW Nick is glad he got out before Jessica morphed into that

  2. T-Bone

    When are these celebs going to figure out the difference between sexy and totally trashy? Showing every body part doesn’t make anyone sexy. I, for one, just get grossed out.

    People like Pamela Anderson, Jessica Simpson, Britney and others could take a few lessons from the likes of Jessica Biel, Natalie Portman, Cindy Crawford and others.

  3. jbonz

    When did Jessica become a “negro”?
    She looks like the butthole baby of Mia Farrow and Little Richard.
    The Glitz! The Glamour!

  4. Barbadiva

    Seems to me like she’s trying to look like Nick’s new lady…and failing miserably.

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