The King Of Bling, Jacob The Jeweler, Is Busted

June 16th, 2006 // 11 Comments

The hip-hop community is in crisis. 50-Cent, Nelly, Mary J. Blige and others be forced to shop at Kay Jewelers? Report at 11:00.

Jacob Arabo, known worldwide as Jacob the Jeweler, was arrested Thursday morning on charges stemming from a federal indictment of 16 people in Detroit. The May 10 indictment, from the U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of Michigan and unsealed today, alleges 16 defendants violated federal drug laws and laundered in excess of $270 million.

We think TMZ commentor summed up the situation quite well:

1. I think that is f@#ked up. The problem is, people get to greedy. He had a legit business and had to go and f@#k it up. Pease Out!

Bling King Busted On Drug Charges [TMZ]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Stewart

    It’s funny, I’ve been hearing about this guy in the local gossip pages (Page Six, etc..) for the past few years. Couldn’t understand why a jeweler would get SO MUCH FREE PRESS. I kew there would come a time when the other shoe would drop.

    There really is a formula. Build them up and then take them down. While I envy the $$ these celebrity types make, I wouldn’t trade my privacy. Celebrity, any type, sucks!

  2. ravenswing

    never heard of him. But that watch be weighin more than he does.

  3. Tits McGee

    This guy is a favorite of Kanye West. Let’s hope he can get through this so we can see extention of gaudier and gaudier jewelry in the futre.

  4. 1HappyNewyorker


  5. I am glad, he made me hate jewellery.

  6. Audacte

    Ironic really… Kanye West released that video about diamond mining showing a white couple getting engaged as the “drive” behind deplorable mining conditions and yet… Jacob and his hip/hop or rap customers wear more diamonds in one day than most wear in a year. Just goes to show that more is just more and how good taste and money do not necessarily go together. Also goes to show that racism is alive and well… courtesy of Mr. West.

  7. black betty

    Whatever Audacte. At least Kanye is attempting to spread awareness of what is happening on the other side of “America”.

  8. ruthere

    you know we can just drop it both of you.

    Audacte and black betty

    it will never stop because we all have issue with something or someone.

    you are each showing how you think, and you know something you are both right

    everyone is racist to some extent, for one reason or another. no race is perfect.

  9. Audacte

    My point is: had Kanye felt that strongly about the questionable background of diamonds (a very very valid concern); he would have stopped wearing them plastered over his body at red carpet events. I think while his points are valid; his method was hypocritical. It would help if people think of the message in total verus using a valid issue to make a dig at another race. Since J the J perfected putting thousands of little diamonds in a piece so that it appears more impressive; he would be one of the design culprits perpetuating a diamond industry of despots and killers. It is easier to smuggle small diamonds…. irrespective of color.

  10. spitty

    Kanye does address the duplicitous nature of diamonds on that song. That is the point. It is a struggle to want something so much then realize you are part of a larger issue and you want to give it up but you can’t. Its the human condition.

  11. black betty

    Well said spitty.

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