The Katie Holmes Birthday Celebration!

December 16th, 2005 // 11 Comments

The hair-pulling says it all. “You are my puppet, and I pull your strings.” Okay. Let’s pretend for one minute that the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise romance is for real. Try really hard. It can’t be done. The birthday photos look like something that Tom would do for his daughter’s birthday.

They celebrated her birthday with dinner, a private trip to the FAO Schwarz toy store – where Tom entertained with handstands – and a late-night ice-skating adventure in the rain, PEOPLE reports exclusively.

After the midtown feast with a group of about a dozen people, Holmes’s pre-birthday celebration (she turns 27 on Sunday) continued at Fifth Avenue institution FAO Schwarz, which was closed to the public by the time the Cruise contingent arrived around 9:30 p.m. The toy store was ready for them, too: festooned with balloons tied to small white tiger dolls and 7′-tall stuffed giraffes.

But the real show was put on by Tom and his pregnant fiancée, with both of them performing on top of the store’s giant piano – jumping, bouncing, trying to tickle out a tune on the ivories. At one point, Tom did a handstand. Katie must have approved: She clapped and laughed before the couple embraced and shared a long, 30-second kiss.

The emporium also had a surprise in store of the birthday girl: cupcakes with candles, which she blew out with Tom’s help. The party then moved downstairs, near the videogame area, and by 11:30 p.m., the pair were ready to move on, thanks to a caravan of four SUVs. But the night wasn’t over. Despite some nasty rain with some sleet thrown in, Tom and Katie took to Central Park’s Wollman Rink (the same one that King Kong and Naomi Watts use onscreen in the new movie epic) and skated, in between hugging and kissing.

Eww. Sounds like kind of a daddy worship thing going on with Katie.

Tom & Katie’s N.Y. Birthday Party [People]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mariootsa

    what is most remarkable is that every attempt he makes to make it seem like they are this ‘happy couple in love’ only serves to make the whole affair that much creepier. am i missing something, or is a toy story an inappropriate place to celebrate the birthday of a 27-year old? and…i’m sorry…ice skating while 6-months pregnant???? my brain hurts thinking about this.

  2. mariootsa

    sorry, i meant ‘a toy store’, obviously..

  3. LM

    Maybe he got courtship advice from Michael Jackson…

  4. Tom used to be considered to be so hot… but with all this creepy behavior, does anybody else but Katie find him anything but weird??? Maybe its just me…

  5. Cheesy

    I realize in this day and age, pregnant women aren’t china dolls that need to spend the long months with their feet up and being waited on, but “jumping, bouncing” at the piano, and ice skating? I’m surprised Tom let Katie out of her Scientology box long enough to expose the Spawn to such physical activities.

  6. paleface

    Ew. I just vomited in my own mouth. It’s obvious by the way he’s grabbing her hair that he’s not used to touching women. ick.

  7. mariootsa

    yes, i agree. a more ‘normal’ way to keep someone’s hair from being engulfed in flames is to gently hold the hair back using both hands, not clutch it like you are about to ram her face into the fire…

  8. Romary

    Why not just take her to the American Girl store down the street? What normal 27 year woman engaged to a multi millionaire given the opp for an open store and carte blanche shopping wouldn’t choose a night @ Hermes, Fendi or Gucci – not a toy store. Billy Bush @ 7p est announced they’ve been married – stay tuned

  9. Ket

    Only 30 seconds? That’s not long….
    Let’s go to the video tape. Tongue probe? Amylase exchange? Lip nibbling?

    Oh, let’s add “hair-grab prior to taking of another’s scalp in the tradition of the native warrior” to the list of things to look for to prove machismo, second only to grabbing partner by the small of the neck (right hand only, judges) to keep head immobile prior to kissing partner in public and whispering “you dont have to if you dont want to” in place of sweet nothings. Nice to know she doesn’t have to do something ..em.. that he didn’t pay for.

  10. deeelovely

    Tom Cruise has turned into the kind of creepy maniacal psycho that most sane people avoid on the subway…Freakshow!

  11. gigi

    I can’t believe she’s ice skating at 5 or six months pregnant…I was very active during my own pregnancy, but I can only imagine what a fall on the ice could do to a pregnant woman….guess Tom figures if anything should happen, he can cure it with vitamins, sauna treatements, and shots of oil. What a fruit loop!

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