The Katie Holmes Nip Slip

May 26th, 2005 // 19 Comments

Just a peak to give you an idea of what Tom’s not seeing.

(Thanks to L.D. for the photo.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ma

    That is so weird. What does she have stuffed in between her legs???

  2. Michelle

    What boney hands.

  3. kiki

    excuse me, but is that an engagement ring she’s wearing? or am i a little late on the up-take?

  4. moss

    HOW???? Do these people not know their jugs are hanging out? Are they just used to wearing practically nothing?

    In Tara Reid’s case I reckon that she’s got so much scar tissue that she doesn’t have any feeling anymore.

    But don’t they feel the breeze???


  5. Tracy

    WHY do people even care about her? Because she’s dating a crazy middle aged man who is going through a middle-age crisis?

  6. doofus

    yes, tracy, that’s EXACTLY it.

    did anyone discuss her looks, “career”, ANYTHING?…until she started dating TC? NOPE.

    makes those rumors of “publicity stunt” seem pretty accurate…and pretty successful!

    and moss, I’m with you. how can someone NOT know their boob is hanging out?

  7. M

    Ma: I think whats between her legs is part of her skirt. It is just me or is her dress cut so low a nip slip was just inevitable. Hooray Katie, another thing to scratch off your to do list right below fooling the world that your Cruise relationship is not a big sham!

  8. lupe

    Oh dear…I’ve always hated this camera angle when I step out of a limo. Knees look freakishly big and her head looks to little. Oh wait! There is a nipple showing! Didn’t Katie just take a picture lounging on a couch (ala Nicole Kidman?). I wonder what Toms poor kids think of this.

  9. ma

    I think that pic is old…from when she was engaged to chris klein.

  10. Erica

    Ma…. I bet your right. What do you know?? No one cared about Katies Holmes’ nipple before she started dating TC….. Shocking!!

  11. miguelito

    WHAT is wrong with her leg?? is she morphing or what?

  12. ali

    The photo looks so photoshopped! If you look closely its almost like the photo doesnt make sense to your eyes!

  13. typerT

    If she wants to play with the public, she better be ready~ Everyone has a word!!! She isn’t fooling anyone and all her flaws and slip-ups are going to be noticed and scrutinized. Way to go, Holmes. Just a word of advice: be smart about your power plays, work up to the “top” so you won’t be blasted, as you should be, for making a mockering of relationships and us.

  14. crystal

    If I actually owned the movie “the gift” i would compare that nipple to the movie shown pair. Unless my nipple memory is fading, that is not the same nip.

  15. girl

    Poor poor Katie…her relationship with Tom C. is probably one of the worst business transaction she’s ever made.

  16. shriyash

    nice and pink, its adorable. ah, long live voyuerism. and i dont think katie minds the attentionat all.

  17. Bre

    Katie is definitely pulling a huge hoax on everyone. All this lovey dovey stuff is so fake and ridiculous. It is so sickening because it is so extremely fake. Instead of Tom and Katie saying they are “enamored” with each other they should say they are “using the other as a huge publicity hike”. Her plan is definitely working for her. She went from a no namer to a big famer in the blink of an eye. It’s ridiculous that she had to do something this preposterous in order to get her name to be well known and popular, but I guess being famous and well known causes people to do things that are totally absurd!

  18. blablabla

    They need to get the attention on them, otherwise the talentless people will not be asked for anything anymore and then they can’t afford their cocaine addiction..

  19. That’s what scientology can do to you…

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