The Kate and Crazy Pete Saga Continues…

December 6th, 2006 // Leave a Comment

Amidst the wave of Kate and Pete press that seems to have taken over the internet today I bring all you Team Kate fans a glimmer of hope. While Crazy Pete may have recently gotten busted yet again for his drug use and possibly been involved of the death of a former friend Kate may have opened her eyes.

A friend of Moss dished to Britain’s Grazia magazine:

“Everyone has just been waiting for the point at which she would snap with Pete. She’s been fixated on the fantasy of their rock ‘n’ roll romance, and for the past few months they’ve been living in this little bubble, oblivious to everyone else. But once again she’s found that drugs mean more to Pete than she does. Kate likes the fact that Pete is this wild, rebellious character but for her there is always a line you cannot cross but for him that line just doesn’t exist.”

This girl needs to stick to the runway and stay out of the press headlines. It has moved beyond sad and crossed into the land of pathetic. Perhaps I should go on a “Kate and Pete” strike. Nah, life just wouldn’t be the same.

Kate Moss has apparently issued an ultimatum to lover Pete Doherty – it’s me or the drugs. [PR-Inside]

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By Cara Harrington

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