The Jonas Brothers Are, Like, Totally POed At Obama

The Jonas Brothers can’t seem to take a joke, but they do seem to take themselves way too seriously. President Barack Obama made a nod to the tweeny-bopper magnets in his hilarious speech at White House Correspondents’ Association dinner that, instead of humbling the boys, only made us see how huge their egos truly are!

“The Jonas Brothers are here … Sasha and Malia are huge fans,” the
president said. “But, boys, don’t get any ideas, I have two words
for you — predator drones,” he said. Any normal person would be laughing their ass off that the prez would even mention them (especially if you are a sub-par musician banking on the dreams of teenage girls) but not the JoBros. Acting like the children they serve, the boys took an entirely indignant, overreacting approach.

“We’re not that old,” Nick Jonas told Yeas.

“Seriously, we’re not pedophiles,” Joe Jonas added, pictured filming scenes yesterday for the upcoming Jonas Brothers TV show. Joe’s girlfriend Demi Lovato seemed to show the teen-idol group’s true colors.

“Who’s that?” she responded to a question about John Edwards. She followed with, “What politics?” Always a good idea to run for president when your friends don’t even know what the word politics mean. I can see the debates now:

And like, who’s this rando totes dissing us becuz his dawters juz like us too much, like, DUH, looozer.