The Jolie-Pitts Arrive in Chicago

August 8th, 2007 // 37 Comments

Because we like knowing where in the world our Jolie-Pitts are at all times, we’re happy to report that the fam has arrived in Chicago after traveling on a private jet to their destination. The brood recently celebrated Maddox’s sixth birthday over the weekend with a birthday party in Santa Barbara, CA. They invited friends over for a game of capture the flag, which was practically my favorite game growing up, so it’s kind of weird I wasn’t invited. Whatever, I was busy anyway, Jolie-Pitts. Anywho, after getting off their plane in Chi-Town, everybody was loaded up into SUVs waiting for them. These kids are going to grow up thinking they’re president. I’m so jealous.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    Shiloh is getting to be a big girl…with hair!
    She is a cutie.

    So, why have these people invaded the Mid-west?

  2. green cardigan

    I can’t say anything mean. That photo of Shiloh giving her Mum a kiss is so nice. Bless their little clan.

  3. Jaimy

    These kids are going to grow up totally bewildered because they have no clue what stability is.

  4. LoRider

    If either of these two phucks show up at a Earth Day or Global Warming rally, I am going to lose it.

    Ride Lo

  5. Loyal Reader

    I guess little Shiloh is old enough to be an accessory on Angholina’s hips. How predictable.

  6. jen

    Well, they’ll definitely have no idea of what a home is. Or friends that their parents didn’t chose for them. Sad really, for such adorable kids.

  7. green cardigan

    Ride Lo – Yes, this smells fishy. There must be a good cause for them to attend to in Chicago. Refugees haven’t walked down from Canada , have they?

    That or else they are filming the sequel to The Break Up.

  8. Zekers

    “…That or else they are filming the sequel to The Break Up.”

  9. T-Bone

    We all know they’re not planning on actually living in one place in the U.S., so I’m sure she’s filming in Chicago.

  10. Don’t get too excited, the crazy skinny lady drugged me so the swarms of people could get better pictures. Maddox got in trouble a few days ago too! He had told the lady that he wanted to walk on his own, but the crazy lady said “No! I carry you. People take pictures. Period.” I tried to warn him not to back talk the crazy lady, but he don’t listen! No one knows where Pax is right now. Zahara has decided that she’s “never gettin on another airplane” so they slip valium into her Ovaltine when it’s “time to go”. Ugly hat guy said he was outta there after the pictures were taken. I wish that Britney lady was my mommy! She seems fun! Well, till next time…

  11. Whoop

    Yep.. They are going to grow just as f*cked up as the rest of the Americans..

  12. T-Bone

    Whoop, nice sweeping generalization. I’m sure there are no f/ked up people in your neck of the woods.

  13. Angietothemax

    Yeah you can definitely tell Shiloh is Brad’s daughter. He practically spit her out himself.

  14. Elle

    Have they amputated the legs on these children to prevent them from running away to stable parents? Why are these children carried everywhere?

  15. Zekers

    I was going to leave that alone T-Bone, but really…I guess Whoop must live in Xanadu, where all the people are perfect…and it’s their job to sit in judgment of the rest of the world, keep us in check, make sure we don’t poke our eyes out while eating…because Whoop knows that we are ALL the same.

  16. lookwhaticando

    They are in chicago because Angie is filming Wanted with Morgan Freeman

  17. T-Bone

    “it’s their job to sit in judgment of the rest of the world, keep us in check, make sure we don’t poke our eyes out while eating”
    funny! exactly… we American barbarians need supervision for sure!

  18. LoRider

    If she’s filming with Morgan Freeman, could this be the long awaited sequel to “7″?

    I’m guessing it’s not going to be called “8″ since Angorexia hasn’t “8″ anything all year.


    Ride Lo

  19. T-Bone

    LoRider – you’re fun ;)

  20. bodhi

    These kids are going to be a million times more “normal” than the vast majority of Hollywood kids…

  21. jesse d

    If my children & I were constantly surrounded at all times by hordes of people I didn’t know, who were only after an opportunity to make money off of embarassing / compromising pictures in potentially dangerous situations (airports, busy street corners, hotel lobbies), I’d certainly be carrying them around, too. You can tell Maddox is already fed up with the paps, and one day, he’s gonna start swinging.
    I love the smile on Angie’s face in the last thumbnail. I sometimes wonder how she manages to get out of bed in the morning with all the negative energy people throw at her constantly. Bless her & her lovely family.

  22. bodhi said:
    These kids are going to be a million times more “normal” than the vast majority of Hollywood kids…


    Oh bodhi, DELUSIONAL much? Outside of Michael Jackson’s kids, the Hollie-Pitt Stain kids are going to be the most effed up kids on the planet! Get REAL!

  23. essie

    Jesse, I think Angie turns negative energy into positive energy. She has to or she would just stay in bed and cry!!!

    As far as “stability” goes . . . in my opinion, stability for a child means they wake up every morning to the same mother, father and siblings, no matter what city/country/continent they are in. It amazes me that nobody complains about Will and Jada Smith or Tom and Katie or Cate and Kate who all travel the world with their children. Are their kids unstable? Will and Jada’s children have never been in a school, according to Will, and they are a lot older than the Jolie-Pitt kids. Are they going to be druggies by the age of 14? (Will’s son is already 10 so we don’t have long to wait for that answer.) Why don’t people complain about them? Why the “concern” about Angie and Brad’s kids traveling? And I know is real “concern” not hatred or anything like that!!

  24. WHAT Essie

    The difference? Katy & Jada aren’t Angelina.

  25. J Essie D,
    How many conversations do you have going on in your head???

    As far as Will Smith’s children, we don’t see Will Smith whoring his kids to the paps either the way St Jolie does. Therein lies the difference.

  26. jen

    According to Angelina herself she doesn’t pay attention to the tabs (and I’m guessing gossip sites) – so, how do you think she “feels” negative energy? To me that implies she’s reading everything written about her (and imho, I think she or one of the assistants do – because everytime there’s a lot of stories on one issue – ie. her not holding Shiloh as much as the others – she seems to publically do things to disspell such stories or has herself quoted to explain).

  27. T-Bone

    Essie – Don’t you kind of think that Angelina brings on some of the “negative energy” herself? I mean really — how many of us would have even paid attention to her as anything other than another pretty actor had she not created her own image?

  28. Angietothemax

    Angie gets so much hate because she doesn’t fit into the typical “pretty actress” box. She has a voice and she uses it other than promoting her movies. She’s bluntly honest about herself and her experiences. If you ask her a question she’ll answer it. To me she’s not just fluff and because she is a celebrity people force their own personal expectations on her. She owns who she is and doesn’t apologize for it.

  29. T-Bone

    Well, if Angie’s as strong as you say she is, Angietothemax, and she loves who she is and makes no apologies for it, then I guess she won’t mind other people disagreeing with her, not seeing her movies, and not supporting some of her behaviors, right? It shouldn’t make a difference what other people think and say.

  30. Right O! Does anyone else find it odd that Jolie/Pitt clan can travel say from Prauge to Cali to Paris to wherever they are now and the photographers always happen to be there? Even birthday parties!

    Lucky bunch eh?

    Anyway…i wanna see Zahara! She slays me!

  31. What?

    Oh Lord, why does she keep having her people call and alert the press every time she makes a move???? She uses those kids for picture ops and nothing else. Wuss Pitt has to be feeling stuck since she obviously got pregnant on purpose to get a married man. She’s druggie and just pure low-life trash, on a good day.

  32. essie

    T, it wasn’t me who brought up the “negative energy” so I really have no comment except to say that every actor creates his/her image (or the PR people do). None of us know anything about these people, except what we read or from razzi pics. That’s why I don’t understand the hatred towards this woman. It’s just weird to me. None of us KNOW this woman.

    Also, Will Smith is one of the biggest actors in HWood and their children are in MOVIES!!! And Jaden Smith went on the road and gave TV and print interviews with his father for “Happyness.” Why is that not “whoring”? Not that I think it is but what’s the difference in your mind? And, at least in the Black community, Will and Jada’s kids have been on the cover of a ton of magazines, posed, with their parents!!! How is that not “whoring”? You tell me the difference.

  33. S_M_G

    Wow, y’all are sure bitter about people you don’t know!

    As for Angie not getting depressed: I don’t think she gives a rat’s ass what the haters think.

    Get over it, they had a relationship when he was married! Oh dear Lord! This is the first time it ever happened in Hollywood or world for that matter.

    Suck it people, don’t pour your negative energy into the boards.

    Angie looks happy/beautiful as always…

  34. Angietothemax

    Exactly T Bone. Like Angie says she just lives her life she is not responsible for people’s interpretation of it. You don’t have to like her their is always going to be people out there that don’t like you for whatever reason. She has her fans and those that really enjoy her as an actress. But it’s impossible for her to cater to everyone’s idea of the type of woman she should be. It shouldn’t even be expected of her. Besides I doubt there is anything she could do change people’s minds about her so why should she even bother?

  35. Why are those boys always carried around ? How old are they ? Are they so spoilt that they can’t fucking walk yet ?

  36. Wook At Da Baby!

    Oh Shiloh! I love her. She has that innocent face that’s so precious. I want to kiss da baby. So sweet! I hope she’s a little bit chubby.

  37. blady02

    I wish Brad would disappear he looks so unhappy when he is with her…. Shiloh should go with him and let Aj raise the rest….. it will be expensive in 10 yrs paying for all the bail and stuff…. stuff meaning, lovers, knives, drugs, papparazitti assaults, etc…..

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