The Jolie-Pitts are Pissed at E!

October 30th, 2006 // 5 Comments

It seems that Brad Pitt is not happy that a producer and cameraman from E! wandered onto his property last week.

“Yes, we have filed trespassing charges against E! and are exploring our legal options against both the crew that actually trespassed and the network itself,” Brad Pitt’s rep tells PEOPLE.

The cable network, meanwhile, is denying any intentional wrongdoing. “E! Networks is investigating allegations that a producer and cameraman who were filming locations for a program about Brad Pitt went onto property last week that is reportedly owned by Mr. Pitt,” according to a statement from the cable channel.

“E! Networks did not instruct or authorize anyone working on its program to improperly intrude onto private property, and the individuals involved have been terminated. While neither Mr. Pitt nor his family were at the property when the incident took place, the network in no way condones or encourages such behavior and would like to offer its most sincere apologies to Mr. Pitt and his family.”

Don’t mess with the Pitts people. They like people to keep their distance.

More photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad “Hungry Bum” Pitt in Pune after the jump.

Brad Pitt Seeks Trespassing Charges Against E! [People]

Written by Lauren Burch

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. OMG! How disgusting is she now!?!?!? Look at those arms! She is about a bagle away from dead. Karma….ain’t it a bitch!

  2. jannre

    I totally agree with you, she looks like she has a major eating disorder..shes looking really bad lately, I never thought she was all that anyway, but shes getting downright ugly! And brad always looks like he just climbed out of bed….

  3. CoolToTheEnd

    Brad looks like he might smell bad. His personal hygiene is really lacking considering his age and financial status.

  4. juligen

    I am sorry, but i must be looking to another pictures, because in those Angelina looks just like any other Holywood actrees, and Brad looks fine to me.

    Its nice to see them finding time to play with theirs kids in the park.

  5. i don’t think the question is that she is any different than the other dysfunctional’s in Hollywood…BUT she use to have curves …now she’s a few pounds away from being a corpse.

    she is disgusting, and he looks as smelly as she is skinny…

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