The Jessica Simpson / Bam Margera Controversy

June 6th, 2005 // 101 Comments

Did she screw Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville or not? Bam’s ex-girlfriend seems to think so.

Bam Margera’s ex-girlfriend, a girl by the name of Jen, phoned in to the Chico in the Morning Show on Philadelphia’s Q102 radio station and she flat out said that Jess not only had sex with Johnny Knoxville, but that she fucked Bam too. That girl gets around!

This latest accusation comes hot on the heels of Margera’s father, Phil, telling another Philadelphia radio station that Bam did bam bam Jessica. Hoping to squelch the gossip tongues from wagging, Bam later said that his dad was full of shit. However, Margera’s ex claims that his father was telling the truth.

Perez Hilton has the interview.

Jessica Simpson Fucked My Boyfriend! [Perez Hilton]

(Thanks to Zachary for the pics.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. carolinacutie

    Oh dear God, please tell me this isn’t true. Johnny Knoxville- perfectly understandable… but BAM is just gross & disgusting.

  2. miguelito

    are you serious, controversy?? i wouldnt be surprised if that bitch chained-fuck all over gay pride parades all around the country… shes that slutty

  3. Fanny

    I do NOT believe this rumor at all. What makes ya think she would give it up that easily to either of those guys…Especially when she made Nick wait till marriage.Jessica is not a slut.

  4. doofus

    fanny, let’s be realistic here…

    didn’t britney ALSO say that she was going to be a virgin until she got married?

    didn’t happen.

    I don’t have anything against Jessica Simpson, but you can be sure it’s POSSIBLE that it’s true.

  5. Hearing conflicting reports…wonders what Is the real deal with them…hope it isn’t true but who knows…

  6. bedstuy

    Please! Why is sleeping with two guys even if it was back to back slutty? Shit did noone here go to college?!! Or does everyone have amnesia? Is it slutty because she’s married? Everyone knows that most Hwood marriages are jokes. The people meet for 5 minutes on a set then they’re in love. Coincidentlally, the characters they were playing were also in love! Hello. Half of the “stars” wouldn’t know a relationship if it hit them in their plastic faces. (granted their professions are not really designed to maintain or recognize a normal human being that could offer a normal relationship) Nonetheless, I think Jessica is almost as dumb as rocks (she is saved by her thumbs!) but she would NOT be a slut for having slept with two guys. She would be freakin’ normal. AND don’t think for one hot second that lil Nicky hasn’t porked, licked spanked every groupie willing from here to Texas!

  7. i’ve seen the rest of these pics her in that back seat with bam (he’s on the right) and as a recovering party addict – those pics look like she might be sniffing something hahaha every other pic she’s got her head all the way down on the seat and bam laughing… i hope its coke and not a cock well either way lets see some pics

  8. Rita

    I am so sick of people talking shit about Jessica and Nick. Just let them be happy, god damn it all.

  9. Jax

    As far as Jessica goes, who cares?

    She’s *that* unimportant to my world.


  10. New Weekly

    Apparently she did not allow Johnny Knoxville to take her in the missionary position because that would constitute “cheating.” So she made him take her in another “weird angle.” This was reported in the New Weekly but just left actual names out in the report, but it is so obvious it is her and oh mi god it is such a jess simpson comment… Remember the tuna/chicken crap that came outta her mouth

  11. stephanie

    This whole thing is so stupid!! i don’t have anything against jessica simpson but i really dont like her either way. She’s married for crying out loud….and if she did sleep with them WHY would anyone wanna deny it?! IT’S BAM AND JOHNNY KNOXVILLE!!! I mean c’mon….

  12. Samantha

    WHY BAM…WHY?!!!

  13. Mary

    ok you guys this is all fake….

  14. Mary

    ummm…and you could so tell its fake i mean jessica simpson saved her virginity till she was married and she loves nick sooo much do you think shes gonna go cheat on him juss like that with bam and jhonny(even tho there so hot) becuase shes like close to them as friends not like that so ppl try to make rumors of somthing so little and stupid to make it such a big deal…i mean even the pictures are like so obivious her hat color is different…and there not showing her face..and the first pic you cant even se bam like one lil bit and the second pic you cant se the driver…and what is that green thing in the back is it a person??…this is all stupid and fake dont believe it…i mean its JESSICA SIMPSON!

  15. sexy_wahine

    Oh my god i hope dats not true but it probably iz. But I wanted to oof johnny knoxville and my fren wanted Bam. oh well they are missing the bes down here in Hawaii! Aloha oi

  16. Jenna

    ok u guys. Listen, Bam is a nice and sweet guy when he isnt being destructive. I mean, come on!! bam isnt that stupid. i love him to death both as a skater and a director/actor. he is awsome and hott! but honestly think about it, would Bam really sacrifice a 7 YEAR RELATIONSHIP AND ENGAGEMENT for one night to F*** with Jessica? No! of course not. i think that Jen is just making all of this up to get back at him.She is just mad that Bam doesnt love her no more. As for Johnny and Jessica…who knows? But definatly NOT bam! I support him all the way. even if he beats up my baby NOVAK on almost all of season 5 epis!!! come on you guys, get serious. Bam didnt do this!

  17. liam

    I can’t imagine Jessica would actually do that, she seems ridiculously wholesome, but her relationship with Nick does have a creepy father/daughter dynamic to it, so maybe she is just totally unstable when it comes to men.

  18. Jamie

    The picture looks fake anyway. It’s not that hard to manipulate pictures into other ones. The shading is very questionable, and in the second one it looks as though something is behind her in the very back. But when you look at the first look you don’t seen anything. Sorry, I can’t believe this picture, and I don’t like either of these two.

  19. Jess

    Bam is staying at the hotel I work at, and as I’m reading this he walks up to the desk to check in. I really wanted to ask him if Jessics Simpson is that dumb.

  20. Lizzie

    ok, bams goin to be in my town june 20th, 20005
    for a sk8ting tour. Ill ask him if he did fuck simpson. but i do think that jens fucken lying to get attention and to get back at bam. ill even post the vidio tape, if i could get the truth. I hope this is all a big fuckin rumor. bams fuckin hot and damn, hes really nice to me.

    Well, 2 days till go, so i hope its just all a big fake! Will c, l8er

  21. veronica

    this has to be true cause STAR MAGAZINE, THE INQUIRER, and BAM’S pissed off ex- girlfriend said so. really people smarten up, you’re all starting to sound dumber than jessica does.

  22. faby

    i don’t believe all this about Bam and Jessica at all. I think his ex is just being stupid about the whole thing.

  23. nikki

    I dont know if its true it will make lots of people really pissed off.But the pics are really convincing.but his ex could have payed off phil to get revenge.

  24. Stephanie

    Jessica’s a fake. I expected that from Britney but not from the virgin-pastor’s daughter. What a sellout! If you don’t believe this rhumor, just watch her new video. She’s so trashy now! What happened? Money changes people. She never needed to show she was sexy before but as she tasted the sweet taste of money$ she changed and learned that SEX=MONEY. What a fake! And how can she mix in religion with it all? What is she thinking?SLUT!

  25. BRU

    i beilieve bam did this because he is that kind of guy and come on if you had the chance to skrew jess simpson wouldn’t you by the way BAM RULES

  26. bethany

    its all true. my sisters boyfriend overhead johnny knoxville and he overheard him talking ‘laughin’ about the whole thing. but i still dont see why jessica would have anything to do with him. Johnny knoxville, that i could understand, but not bam… ugh..

  27. Jaden

    This is so gay! Sorry to all those jessica fans, but why would Bam and Johnny want to bang her anyways!? I mean, she’s not really a rocket scientist you know, she couldn’t even tell tuna apart from ckicken! Those guys are the hottest living creatures on this washed up planet! I know they’re guys but come on!!! Jen was probably pissed off at Bam & wanted to ruin his publicity. Besides, I don’t think that a ditsy, preppy bitch like Jessica would want Bam & Johnny anyways! But, if I had to choose… sorry Johnny, but I would have to take Bam, He’s soooo HOT!!!

  28. Layla

    The pictures above are sooo fake that it isn’t even funny. I mean, was someone on the hood of the car and took them? Or was there a video camera on the dashboard of the car, and they took random shots and made then into pictures. It doesn’t seem like Bam would go for someone like Jessica. Johnny on the other hand,well he would. I think what a lot of other people say is true-Jen was probably jealous, and wanted to make Bam regret breaking up with her. I also think that ever since Jessica and Nick’s marriage has been getting worse, maybe Jessica thought it was ok to move on…you know, since she is on a movie set, she can do whatever!

    I can wait till the new season of Viva La Bam- you never know, they could show him on the set of Dukes of Hazzard or whatever…since Bam and Johnny are friends…Bam might have visited him on set, and got to meet Jessica. I think that Bam is totally innocent, and that Johnny Knoxville was the only one to be with Jessica.

  29. no fukin way bam did dat. he still rox haha

  30. JJ

    I dont belive that sh*t Jessica is so not a sl*t!

  31. Fernanda

    Gosh………………i hate jessica…….and she did that w/ bam cause she wanted 2…. bam didnt make her do it……….and she is still fucking married with nick………i hope somethin happens to her……… she learns not to cheat on nick.

  32. roxy

    HELL NO BAM did not FUCK jessica BAM is 2 dam fine 4 her.Bams no-s damb well hes smart he no-s who he screws.And its not going 2 be jessica

  33. I dont care if he did or not. If he did more power to em! If he didnt then who the fuck cares! I still like Bam and i dont think that this is going to change my mind about him.

  34. Karen Pleacher

    i hope this isnt true. bam margera has to have more taste then that. i still feel sorry for nick. that woman has been ridden more than the city subway. if it is true then Bam and Johnny Knoxville need to get checked for every known std. good luck boys!

  35. Dave

    Im hoping its not true… i idolize them as the perfect couple. She’s ditzy but cute and he’s level headed and patient. He treats her like a princess. If they can’t make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us? This news is very depressing…

    on another note… bam is an asshole who treats girls like shit. you can see it on his show and i doubt he acts much different off air. he seems like an arrogent prick. she’s too good for him.

  36. Punam

    I don’t think this rumour is true at all! I mean Bam Margera and Jessica Simpson no way! I mean this couldn’t be true!!! If it is WOW! Jen is a stinkin bitch!!! I wouldn’t believe anything she would say!!!

  37. niki

    it is so not true

  38. Shannon

    I must be really out of it! I just heard this rumor, while I don’t put it past Bam Margera to screw everything in sight, and maybe he did sleep with Jessica Simpson, I cant believe most everyone is taking the word of his ex girlfriend(jenn.)She claims that hes cheated on her 40 or 50 times! Unless this was an open relationship, I cant see anyone staying around for seven years and ring. I think she may be bitter, and is just adding fuel to the fire. I’m a HUGE Bam fan, and I can admit that something like this sounds like his TV persona, but I wouldn’t take the word of his Ex!

  39. ana

    i can’t belive dat bam let dat slut screw him over why ….. bam … why …. he is 2 hot 4 her ?

  40. Kayla

    I LOVEEE Bam and I REALLY hope he wouldn’t do that. I mean doesn’t Jessica have a kid with Nick???????

  41. tacey day

    plzz jessica would never fuck bam u guys beleve ever thing jemn just wanted to gey back at bam sowhat a slut

  42. Dan

    Alright yo this whole shit is fake. jenn is the fuckin slut. you guys do kno she was a porn star beleive me i kno and yo me huge bam fan seen every episode and im a sk8ter have a whole bam board. trucks wheels bearings the whole shcibang. Jenn says about a porn tape. i kno the tape. i typed in bam in a downloaidng thing looking for skate videos i found some. now about the video the freakin camera is right in front of jen now come on bitch cant u see the fuckin light. the whole thing about knoxville possible but i doubt jess aint no slut to do 2 gis. now think of the pictures girls have purses. no dick of bams if there was dont u think that bams face would be different sure jess is dumb as a sack of peanuts but do u think that she is handling nuts in the pics . u guys go to freakin A&P they have mags nick cheated with a shitload of girls. and the sexy thing that 1 of u talked about stephanie i think it is that is to get back at nick shes saying u fuckin dip u left this sexy thing to go out with like 25 girls think ur a pimp huh? Then make different dumbass. jenn you can lie alot do u guys kno her last name. it’s rivell. She says it’s rivers. in an episode april (bam’s mother) told jenn to promise that bam won’t do anything but jenn helps make a skatepark in the house(episode 1) what does she say to ape she says “dont worry u can trust me”. yet she helps out (bitch). MTV cribs bams episode jenn drinks juices not beer. Bam controlloing her. fact ure the slut. Simpson is hot Bam did not bam jess. Oh yeah and it wasn’t 7 years. Try 1. jenn i used to think u were hot now fuck off.Jess ismy favirit girl celeb and bam is my favorite sk8ter. One thig i don’t understand is how it’s bam. what brad pitt or somebody. Jen burn in hel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. lil frosty


  44. Kristen

    Ok Bam is like the freakin most adorable man that walks this earth and I really dont think he would stoop down to that slut Jessica’s level. Hes way to good for her and as for his ex girlfriend she need to keep her skany ass nose ou tof his fuckin personal life. If it’s true then it’s true but if it’s not then thank god. and he does not treat women like a piece a shit if you have noticed the only girl he normaly has on his show is his mom. I belive bam 100 percent on this and his dad must have just meant slept together on the couch and not did each other on the fuckin couch. Sorry but jhonny I do belive that you would do her but you never know!

  45. Kristen(agian)

    Ok I lied Jhonny you prolly didn’t do her. but if you did what the hell were you thinkin? I’m about ready to watch the viva la bam show to make get proof that his ex was a lyin slut

  46. Cristal

    OMG Bam y did u do this 2 all ur fans and girls that love u 2 death and jessica i hope u die n rott in hell!!!!! but i still love u bam!!!!

  47. alejo

    i think its true, i believe jenn and i think it took a lot of guts to tell a radio station, she knew people wouldnt like it, maybe she is lying i dont know, but how do you make all of that up?

    “freakin camera is right in front of jen now come on bitch cant u see the fuckin light” <– the guy that said that, hello! maybe she knew the camera was there, but didnt think Bam would put it on the internet! thats what usually happens when a sex tape gets on the internet, the paris hilton one and the pamela anderson/tommy lee one;they didnt know that it was going to get on the internet!

  48. Dan

    Alejo did u here the conversation between jenn and the guys on the phili station. she said there was no permission from her to make a video and if she said i won’t allow it i would agree with jenn about that and throw out bam board.

  49. Derf

    Yes…it was 7 years, ass….I’ve known who Bam was before any of you “fans” Ever since Viva came out, everyone is all on his nuts. He’s all celebed-out now.

    Yes he would fuck Jessica Simpson, who wouldn’t?

    Yes, she would fuck Bam….a lot of chicks would (read the messages before this)…

    He’s a celeb, she’s a celeb…this happens all of the time.

    Don’t hate on Jenn. You all say “you can’t believe her”….Well why can you believe Bam? Because he’s a star? Because he’s good looking? He’s def banged other people while with her, and if you think otherwise, you’re in denial. Get real.

    Bam has turned from a lovable prankster into an arrogant ass hole. And all these little skater queers that worship him should be slapped.

  50. Sarah

    Well… I Don’t Know If All This Is Real Or Not. I Hope Not… I Love Bam Margera. I’m Getting My Hair Permed Like His This Wednesday (Yay!). I’m Still Sad About Jenn And Bam Breaking Up. Even Though I Was And Still Am Totally Jealous Of Her, If Anyone Had To Be With Bam, I’d Want Jenn To Be. And This Whole Jessica Simpson Gig Is Fucked. It Best Not Be True That They Slept Together. I’m Sorry, But I Hate Jessica Simpson. She Is Above And Beyond Blonde. She Is Literally Dumber Than A Stump. I’m Just Hoping Bam Wasn’t Lying And Didn’t Actually Sleep With Her. I Mean, Phil’s The Kind Of Guy That Totally Wouldn’t Understand The Difference Between Bamming Someone Or Just Falling Asleep Beside Them On A Couch. Because You Know, They Both Apply To The Same Term ‘Sleeping’. Heh. And Phil Just, Half The Time, Atleast, It’s Seems, Doesn’t Even Listen To Bam. ‘Hey, Can We Build A Drawbridge?’, “Ask Your Mother” And Then They Go And Do It And He Just Stands There, Watching. :P It’s Actually Rather Funny. But Back To The Subject. All I Have To Say Is I Hope The Shit’s Made Up. Bam Is A God (Or Atleast, My God… Hehe, Along With Rick Thorne :P) And Could Do WAY, WAY Better.

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