The Jessica Simpson / Bam Margera Controversy

Did she screw Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville or not? Bam’s ex-girlfriend seems to think so.

Bam Margera’s ex-girlfriend, a girl by the name of Jen, phoned in to the Chico in the Morning Show on Philadelphia’s Q102 radio station and she flat out said that Jess not only had sex with Johnny Knoxville, but that she fucked Bam too. That girl gets around!

This latest accusation comes hot on the heels of Margera’s father, Phil, telling another Philadelphia radio station that Bam did bam bam Jessica. Hoping to squelch the gossip tongues from wagging, Bam later said that his dad was full of shit. However, Margera’s ex claims that his father was telling the truth.

Perez Hilton has the interview.

Jessica Simpson Fucked My Boyfriend! [Perez Hilton]

(Thanks to Zachary for the pics.)