The Jersey Shore Cast: 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Oh for the love of GTL, here come the cast of Jersey Shore. What would an MTV event be without pimping the network’s TV shows? Snooki was actually a correspondent on the red carpet to evaluate the star’s tan qualities and “Guido potential.”

“I have no idea what I’m going to wear,” she said before the gig. “I’m stressing about it … You know, I still want to look like a guidette, but I wanna look good for red carpet.”

I would say she hit that nail on the head. She didn’t stay too far from her roots, going in the same sort of tight mini as her JS girls, but *gasp* came without the poof. Mike ” The Situation” Sorrentino skipped the whole shirt thing and went with a wife beater and vest, while his fellow JS boys did a variation on blazers, t-shirts, and graphic prints. Guess which one showed off his abs?

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