The Jenna Jameson Story Continues To Get More Bizarre

It’s hard to keep up on whether Tito Ortiz abused Jenna Jameson back in April. The couple, who attended a Pre-Emmy Nominee party back on June 13, 2008, have had a lot of different opinions on the matter.

Day one Jenna was bandaged and crying because Tito got violent after she said something that hurt his ego. Day two she’s a delusional drug addict. Day three everyone decides it was a misunderstanding and Jenna was “not hurt at all.”  Today….today, Tito is hiding out in Costa Rico waiting out his temporary restraining order and Jenna talked to US weekly.

Today, Tito is  “not a wife-beater” but he pushed her into the tub after accusing her of taking drugs.

In the interview, Jenna is super emotional swearing she’s not on drugs and can’t trust anyone. She says she’ll do anything to protect her kids, even not be with Tito, though she has declined to cooperate with a police investigation. Whatever happened, hot mess Jenna makes me sad.

The saddest thing to Jenna? That the two “were America’s couple” before all this. In which case the real question is how did she pass a drug test and can I buy this magic potion?

Check out the full interview after the jump! Seriously, you should.