The Inferno That Is Lindsay Lohan’s Life

Lindsay Lohan and her trusty ankle bracelet were seen heading to a pool party in Pacific Palisades, CA on Friday. However, her scram bracelet wasn’t so much seen as it was being carefully hidden in nude-colored boots (P.S. – who wears boots to pool parties anyway?).

Lindsay and her shit-show of a life are somehow in the news again because some shmo claims he’s seen the screen play for Inferno, and in his ‘expert’ opinion, the role is “too rough” for Lindsay.

I’m sorry, but are we talking about the same Lindsay Lohan here? The girl is a walking coke-binge and you think some movie about a porn star is really going to cross the line for her? Not that I’m actually giving credence to this guy’s word – his name is Aerik Von and he’s an employee of a fetish Web site called Deadly dommes? Like deadly blow-jobs? I don’t get it.

Regardless, Von claims that many of the scenes feature Lohan as Lovelace getting beaten up by her ruthless ex Chuck Traynor. While I’m sure they aren’t pleasant scenes with rainbows and pon

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