The Spirit Awards Are Coming Up…

Yahoo reports that the nominations for the Spirit Awards, formerly known as the Independent Spirit Awards, were announced yesterday. Little Miss Sunshine and Half-Nelson led the pack of independent films produced on comparatively small budgets of less than $20 million.

The road-trip romp “Little Miss Sunshine” and the gritty classroom drama “Half Nelson” led contenders Tuesday for the Spirit Awards honoring independent films, each earning five nominations, including best picture.

Other best-picture nominees were “American Gun,” a drama about the proliferation of firearms in America; “The Dead Girl,” a thriller centered on a serial killer’s female victims; and “Pan’s Labyrinth,” a Spanish-language tale about a girl’s dark fantasy life in Fascist Spain.

Maverick filmmaker
Robert Altman, who died last week, earned a best-director nomination for his final film, “A Prairie Home Companion.” The new James Bond,
Daniel Craig, received a supporting-male actor nomination for the Truman Capote drama “Infamous,” in which he plays a death-row inmate.

The awards will be presented Feb. 24, the day before the
Academy Awards.

Maybe she was nominated last year, and I’m just slow, but where’s Ellen Page’s nomination? Did anyone see Hard Candy? Holy shit, if you’re into intelligent, soul-destroying horror flicks, rent it . Stat. Who knew you could sympathize with a child-murdering pedophile over a 14-year-old girl? The bitch was full out bonkers. And if you’re a man watching it, prepare to squirm. Ms. Page’s character has a scalpel, doesn’t like pedophiles and guess which part of the lower torso she’s headed for? *crosses legs and winces*

In other news, it is far too refreshing not to have to report on whores for five minutes.

`Sunshine,’ `Nelson’ lead indie field

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