The Incredible Shrinking Carson Daly

June 12th, 2005 // 33 Comments

Joining the list of celebrities who have lost too much weight, is Carson Daly. One more photo after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. kathyp

    Whoa! That looks sick.

  2. Linz

    I think he looks WAY better than that bloated look he was sporting. He’s not quite in Lohan/Ritchie/Bale in ‘The Machinist’/Guy Pierce territory quite yet.

  3. anni

    This guy has got to be running a hundred miles a day or something. His mama needs to feed him some steak and potatoes!

  4. a Boy and His Dog

    How very… Barney Fife

  5. brandi

    Wow. He looks disgusting… I have never thought him hot, but he really does look far better with a little more meat on him. ::shakes head::

  6. Liz

    Carson is a tool!

  7. Marina

    Must be taking tips from Lindsay and Nicole!

  8. I was stunned when I saw him on Conan recently. I went to a taping of Carson’s show last year and he looked way better a bit plump. Not that he was hot or anything but he looked fine. Now, he looks sickly. Is he just not eating and also not working out? If he was working out, there would be some balance to everything.

    I guess it is just uncommon to see a male fall into the Lohan-esque weight drama of late.

  9. Mariana


  10. loving our blog, martini in hand.

  11. amy

    he looks much older now

  12. Carrie

    My first thought was does he have AIDS, Cancer?

  13. ma

    Wow, creepy. I guess if he always looked like that maybe I wouldnt think he looked weird thou.

  14. Josie

    he’s got a bobblehead thing going on. i didn’t know men could get that.

  15. Kelly

    I totally agree with the cancer/aids comment, that was my first reaction besides eww.

  16. anon

    dick clark lookin’ motherfucker

  17. frans f bailey III

    carson is on cocaine hydrochloride and he is also using zinc. the zinc is causing him to lose hair and he is also depressed.

  18. david evan spevak

    carson is losing hair and is on cocaine. he is also ugly now. he is also tasteless now. now i dont like carson. coke head. wow. ha. wow.

  19. david evan spevak

    losing hair coke head freak. i hate carson now, i used to want to bang him. — gay male 27, nyc

  20. Gordon Crumbalino Siskalisto

    he has major androgenetic alopecia (baldness) starting at the frontal temporal region of the forehead. his hair is thinning this region due to tellogen effuluvim from cocaine and a reuptake of 5 alpha reductase/dihydrotesterone. HIS HAIR LOSS PROBLEM WILL PROGRESS!!!

  21. bill garfield IV

    he has aids, is doing coke and is ugly. hair loss too at the temples

  22. Ronald Fard

    He is losing hair from cocaine, moron. cocaine makes you lose hair. look at his hair, he is losing it = cocaine. he is also still fat. thin in the face maybe, fat in the ass, yes. he also honks at pretty girls who are also fat under their black skirts. he drives a ford. whats worse than driving a ford, going bald, aging, being a coke head/ex-trl toolball?

  23. ali b.

    he does drive a ford but with his hair he cant pull it off

  24. dr weil

    hair loss/aids/cocaine/zinc usage. he does not have a parrot in his closet.

  25. vincente martin M.D

    wow i do see hair loss and you can tell he is on cocaine due to his complextion. it is slightly pink. — dr martin

  26. wuta starwars PS2

    its a zinc/cocaine combo problem

  27. ewww a ford

    he is still bloated. and wow he drives a ford. EWWWWWWWWWWW – hailey japovitz

  28. Jake Turner

    Anyone notice Tom (middle aged) Cruise is starting to lose his hair ? Recent photos indicate this. He is combing it to the left and pushing it forward. It might explain why he is going after Katie.

  29. Austin


  30. dtxtc

    barbarians! judge not lest ye be judged-misery loves company-hoping he recovers from this! bless him:-)

  31. fatj

    The person who wrote the comment above me drinks my peepee

  32. bung

    He looks like William Macy (Fargo, Magnolia, etc)

  33. Kat

    Does anyone know if there’s actually something wrong with Carson?? He must be sick.

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