The Incredible Shrinking Nicole Richie

May 4th, 2005 // 45 Comments

Nicole Richie present – Nicole Richie one year ago.

(Photos via isfia and Getty Images)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. MissNee

    i love nicole, but gross.

  2. cakeboy

    maybe shes shedding pounds
    because her heterosexual lifemate paris
    wants nothing to do with her anymore
    lets face it-
    she was ridin the paris train to fame
    and thats just plain sad.

    or maybe shes just allergic to food

  3. EVERYONE has riden the Paris train.

    SOrry, but I remeber seeing pics of Nicole when she was under 10. Can’t say that about Paris.

  4. Steph

    Hmmmmm looks like she may be wiping her nose in the skinny picture. That’s a good diet!

  5. come on guys Nicole’s cool she just didn’t like that heavier stage she went through i guess but she is getting a little 2 skinny but she rocks

  6. ashley

    i luv ya nicole and no effense but i think u were only losin weight cause ur best friend or used 2 be lost weight i just dont want 2 c u end up like mary-kate and havin 2 do therapy and stuff just nicole plz stop losing weight luv ya lots nicole im just one of ur biggest fans i luv ya so much and im just scared u so plzzzz stop losing wait and i luv u 2 paris but not as much as nicole

  7. ashley

    i luv ya nicole and no effense but i think u were only losin weight cause ur best friend or used 2 be lost weight i just dont want 2 c u end up like mary-kate and havin 2 do therapy and stuff just nicole plz stop losing weight luv ya lots nicole im just one of ur biggest fans i luv ya so much and im just scared 4 u so plzzzz stop losing weight and i luv u 2 paris but not as much as nicole

  8. sophie

    You look way nicer now nicole! Maybe getting a little too skinny, you can stop now! You look perfect!

  9. kate

    She is engaged and really happy! She was overweight before because of rehab, where they took her off heroin and she discovered food could replace the drug. She looks great!

  10. Nicole you rock girl. But I have to say that it seems the thinner you get the lighter you get. You are like totally white now.Didnt you used to be at least half a sister? Stay funny and cool:)

  11. alisa

    i think that you look so hot now…however you really should stop copying paris i mean you are a way much better than her she is just a slud which is annoying everybody so stay you and dont look at her!

  12. seraphim

    I used to think Nicole was beautiful, just lacking body-tone. Now! Oh my fuck, she’s so stunning! Now she beats Paris any day. Paris probably kicked her out coz she knew Nic would get more attention than her……. lol…

  13. somebody

    nicole you are so hott i don’t care if you weigh 70 pounds or 34985703457834 pounds.

  14. Megan

    OMG Nicole!! i love you soo much !! your amazing and right now im doing a bibliogrphy on you for one of my projects in computers.. the more i read about you the more i love you !!! .. i think that you should not be replaced from the simple life cuz your the person that made everyone watch it.. your my favorite and no one can replace you !!!:)… well im going bye xoxoxo:)ps you should right me back and i no you probobly get alot of these but please right me back when u have the chance:P .. umm and your soo beautiful and perfect and you dont have to loose weight to show that because you are gorgous and original. luv your greatest fan megan renda!

  15. love you so much and you should really stop losing weight i am so scared for you you look great at 97 pounds and you look so much better than paris aney day weather you thick or thin she never looks better than you I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NICHOLE STAY COOL AND EVERY THING YOU DO IS THATS SO HOT

  16. Jax

    Nic, dear, I liked you better meatier.
    But who cares-please yourself.


  17. medea

    SHE can not loose anymore. She does need muscle tone. Hiliary Swank is as big as noodle, but her muscles make her look toned! I wish she would have kept the breast!

    Stay sexxxy, do not do any green light pornos.

  18. Luke

    Shes on cocaine again

  19. Carly

    i gota say i always thought nicole was gross before. bigger girls in smaller clothes dont mix too great. she looks a lot better now that shes droped those pounds.. as long as she doesnt let it get outa hand. recovering from anorexia is a pain in the ass believe me, but in the mean time she looks a lot more decent!!

  20. lisa

    i heard nicole lost her weight a healthy way, i would love to have her figure and i dont think she looks unheathly. does anybody know what diet she went on????

  21. Nikki

    I thought she look AWESOME before she lost the weight. I ALWAYS thought she was prettier than Paris. I love Nichole dont get me wrong shes my fav. person EVER. But now she is TOO SKINNY. She may have lost it a healthy way but it still look s unnatural. I dont even see why anyone thought she was heavy. She was never fat. She shouldnt have lost one pound.

  22. divagirl

    I think nicole is on some sort of liquid diet. Everytime you see her she has a drink in her hand, you never catch her eating. I don’t think it drugs because the appearance in her face would be very gray, dry and sickly looking. The glow in her skin and face is pretty good. Plus her father Lionel Richie said that she was not eating. So she must be taking supplements on this diet.

    Yes, I agree she does not need to lose 1 more pound. Matter of fact she needs to gain 5. I also think she is working with a personal trainer, but she must be doing all cardio because I don’t see any muscle development at all. I don’t know any personal trainer who don’t incorporate some type of toning exercise.

  23. Maxine

    I love nicole richie sooo much i think she is hilarious and beutiful!! Her smile is great and i think she is the perfect size but she shouldnt lose anymore weight now!! There are so many romours in magazines saying that she is annorexic or has a eating disorder but i think she just wants to look and feel beutiful and that she isnt annorexic<< !! WE should just leave her alone and let her be beutiful the way she is !! WE love u nicole<<

  24. milly

    Okay well you know her size really went down and she looks way better but well if she keeps loosing weight then I say eating disorder all the way!!! But I hope not becase she’s supposed to be getting married and well u know lets hope her dress still fits!(if she keeps losing weight)

  25. heather

    nicole, you look beautiful, and i think u have done an amazing job lossing that weight, but i think the 90 pounds ur at it good enough, you went from 115 to 90, i think it’s resonable.. i think ur the preittiest ever… love you ..heather

  26. Christina

    She looks starved, it’s nasty. She was wayyyyy gorgeous before she lost all that weight, and she was NEVER fat, she was just always compared to that gross rat looking Paris Hilton….

  27. Chloe

    Come on nicole, you have no more boobs! i am sorry, i love you u r the best, u and paris i love you both. i look up to u 2. but come one, u looked perfect how u were before. but ok i understand if u wanna be skinnier (which u dont need to be) but u look like u dont eat n e more!

  28. Ruby

    Nicole looks great compared to some other stars. She may be a little to skinny but right now in Hollywood who isn’t.

    I think she lost all her weight because she’s no longer friends with that skank Paris. It was just too much beer, junk food, and way to much out-of-control parties.

    She just went through a fat stage in her life, and now she’s shed off all the weight, as did I.

    Way to go Nicole you look like a *STAR*

  29. kathy

    they all look horrible! so unhealthy, and such a bad influence to younger girls!

  30. L

    I think she looks fantastic now, I am trying to lose alot of weight myself and she is really inspiring, how she has changed so much from being dumpy to super skinny. It’s really proof that you can get to any weight you want if you’re determined and put your mind to it. Not just because she’s a celebrity, and that warrants having ‘special powers’… seriously… I could not stand to be in the public eye. I am paranoid enough as it is lol.

  31. thetruth

    Someone said Nicole was 115. I think she was 130 at her biggest weight and dropped 40 pounds. Lindsay and Hillary looked like they dropped about 30.

  32. iris

    All of you who thinks Nicole looks good now are all starving crackheads yourselves!!! She looked great b4. She was healthy and vibrant. Now she looks lifeless. Almost like bones walking around with clothes on. No wonder everyone has an eating disorder. It’s ridiclous when people, supposedly, look their best when they can’t even afford to lose 3 lbs. If she does, she’ll have to be admitted to the hospital with her 12 year old lookin’ crackhead ass.

  33. liana

    I think you look beautiful Nicole!!!! Your a star;o) Anyone that says your too thin is just jelouse. Stay true to yourself girlfriend! x x

  34. Emily

    Nicole you look awesome whether thin or bigger. Your are a gorgeous exotic beauty. Paris had and has nothing on you, yeah shes blonde skinny and rich but her eyes are 2 different sizes and it is all in the eyes….you don’t need her you are awesome. Your biggest fan!!

  35. I love Nicole Now. She looks better than ever.

  36. Julie

    There is nothing wrong with nicole richie losing so much weight. i used to be bigger too, but i didn’t have to go anorrexic to lose the weight, i just ate no fats, and exercised a lot and now i feel great! there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good! everyone is just jealous

  37. CarrieRowland

    Will someone PLEASE tell me how Nicole lost her weight?!?!

  38. emily nelson

    It is just not normal. Too thin. Somewhere in the middle would be perfect. Losing that much weight is not normal or healthy. It’s just not worth feeling sick all the time or dying over. To all of you who think this is beautiful, you’re just as sick as she is. Some people are naturally this thin and look good, but they also aren’t capable of weighing 125+ pounds. She obviously isn’t meant to be so thin.

  39. Amber

    WTF she looks great ,how is that to skinny? maybe she has a small bone frame like my myself doesnt mean smoeone is anorexic i weigh and am the same height as nicole and I eat more then the fat people I know each day! sometimes people just dont gain weight its not an effing eating disorder!

  40. Lucy

    Nicole you look really pretty now. You always have been but now you are loads more hotter. You don’t need paris hilton cus she’s just a stupid wannabe who is jealous cus she is so
    fake and your not. you dont need to lose any more weight though cus you are perfect.

  41. hannah

    k maybe the reason nicole has lost all that waight is cuz ppl keep givin her crap. one minute she’s known as the chubby side kick then she loses the waight nd ur all sayin dat she 2 skinny. make up ur mind ppl. nicole richie is, was, and always will be a gorjus person. i think that every 1 needs 2 get off her back and leave her alone. let her have her space and get off her back about her past. we’ve all done stupid things and nicole richie is only human.
    peace out………..

  42. nichollette

    i think nicole ritchie should pick up a fork she is too skinny she was just looking fat in front of 34 pound paris what ho`s name nicole you looked way cooler before luv ya

  43. ALICA


  44. Liz

    Nicole looks fantastic!
    To all those people giving her shit over her size, you really need to grow up..
    When she was bigger, she was too fat, now that she’s lost weight, she’s anorexic or has a drug problem.
    What the fuck is wrong with you people?

  45. iam finding nicole richie”S style hot… love rachel zoe .. :D the sunnclases are f*nking hot :D i have 4 of those :D.. greetsss.. samira

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