The Human Stain


For all the hype that the Toronto Film Festival has gotten, you would have thought it would have been a little more exciting. I was praying that Tara Reid showed up drunk somewhere to pump some life into the proceedings. The films I saw were great, don’t let me knock that, but the parties were lacking.

I attended the screening for The Human Stain with my date for the event, Rodgrio Santoro (pictured above). He’s a fabulous actor starring in another film that’s also playing at the festival. Carandiru, is a film depicting life in the largest prison in Sao Paulo. The film is as breathtaking as my date. Back to The Human Stain. I admit I was confused about the films premis. I had thought the film was a documentary about My mistake. It was an amazing film starring Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins about a man with a life of secrets, and accusations of racism. They’ll both be nominated for awards come this fall.

That was the highlight film of the Festival for me. Celebrity wise everyone was there who had a film to promote. Even those who didn’t. Martha Stewart was there. I guess trying to enjoy every ounce of freedom while she has it. Of course Graydon Carter, from Vanity Fair, was there with I believe Toni Basil, but I could be wrong. Nicolas Cage was flirting it up with Neve Campbell. She’s starring in the new Robert Altman film The Company. Another must see come fall.

Back to New York for fashion week, and then to LA for the ever predictable Emmy Awards.

Enjoy a few tidbits.

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