The Huffington Post: Day One

May 10th, 2005 // 2 Comments

It’s looking like The Huffington Post blog is posting around the clock. I suppose with all of those contributors it’s easier to crank out the posts.

My favorite posts of the first day (loved some, hated some):

  • What Would Jesus Do… With Tom DeLay? by Arianna Huffington – The title of the article says it all. This is why I love Arianna Huffington.
  • Steve Jobs, Let my Music Go by Hilary Rosen – She whines on about how iTunes is proprietary technology. She ends with, “Why am I complaining about this? Why isn’t everyone?” Because Hilary, you love to whine. The rest of the world doesn’t.
  • Marriage Trouble by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall – Who’s Brad Hall again? They love the gays!
  • Models are not always as hot as they seem by Jonah Peretti – The Huffington Post will not use Photoshopped images. I was so worried.
  • 10 Things I Learned at Topic A by Tina Brown – She’s still sticking with the book story for her exit from Topic A. She doesn’t reveal what it feels like when 6 people are only watching.
  • Farrakhan Again? by Seth Greenland – At first glance I thought the author was Seth Green, but quickly realized my mistake when the post was regarding the Millions More Movement.

What I am really looking forward to is Walter Conkite’s proposal that the Democratic Party organize a convention this year to debate and resolve a platform that would provide the confused electorate some idea of what the party stands for…a regretfully missing ingredient in the politics of the moment. I love my Walter!

Kisses to Arianna for the link!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Traube

    Julia and Brad Dreyfus Hall,sometime I think my English is so bad, I don’t understand, no nothing. If I read right,Brad thinks Gays will marry Women if Gay Marriage is not allowed?
    Or he will turn Gay,this Brad, if he can marry a man? Is this what is afraid of?
    Some Gays are married to some Women and go out at night, or during the day, remenber Tales of The City,Maupin’s book. Sexual inclination has to do with Blood’s journey from our brain to the same brain, with some halts in-between,nothing to do with Laws.

  2. Jake

    You know, I have a soft spot for Arriana, and I really dug her Shadow Conventions around the 2000 election, but seriously, the Huffington Post has to be one of the most boring collections of writing I’ve perused in some time. Note to Arriana — just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they have something to say.

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