The Hilton Sisters In Maxium

November 3rd, 2005 // 14 Comments

Poor Nicky. LOL at the “Plus her sister Nicky (Also Sexy)” subtitle. She’ll always be one rung beneath Paris.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. nansie

    IMO, Nicky looks so much better than Paris. Paris is trying way too hard.

  2. jakejustice

    those pics of paris make me glad i only pretend to sleep with girls. yikes. paris needs to stop by Kitson and buy herself a new ass.

  3. Cheesy

    What a waste of ink for both of them.

    How very, very proud their parents must be.

  4. GirlyGirl

    Blechhhh. Is there anyone, and I mean anyone, who hasn’t been privvy to a crotch shot from at least one, if not both, Hilton sisters in the last 6 months????

    Enough already with the skanky, no talent, white trash, porno making, anorexic Hilton girls.

    I am going to take a hot poker and burn my eyeballs out of my head if you post another damn picture of them up here this week.

  5. SMroxs

    The thing of it is, these girls are such whores it’s not like sleeping with either Hilton sister is a “fantasy.” Paris’s legs spread so easily Country Crock is thinking of selling their margarine with the catch phrase “The only thing that spreads easier is Paris Hilton’s legs!” So I’ve heard anyway….

    But seriously, you know they’d sleep with just about anyone so even the lamest (Nick Carter), ugliest (Paris Latsis), most perverted (Rick Solomon) shmuck (Tom Sizemore) has a chance of boning Paris. And Nicky would do anything just because she’s the less popular sister and has something to prove.

  6. keldawn

    That is the saddest/most hilarious cover caption I’ve ever seen

  7. caro

    by “one rung beneath” did you mean in the skanky department?
    the sad thing is that there are people out there that think she IS sexy and IS something special…

  8. Stewie Griffin

    Photoshop is so much better than a fake tan and a visit to the surgeon’s office.

  9. tomcruiseisgay

    Jesus Christ Paris, close your legs. I can smell the spermicide from here.

  10. Uhm_Yeah

    Just gross. Don’t their parents care about this shit?

  11. tomcruiseisgay

    quote “. LOL at the “Plus her sister Nicky (Also Sexy)” subtitle. She’ll always be one rung beneath Paris.”

    And I bet the air one rung beneath Paris, is stanky. Pheeyew!

  12. sagethewise

    Um, isn’t Daddy Hilton worried about how his daughter’s skanlicious reputations may begin to tarnish the Hilton name?

    I mean, JEESUZ!

    Regardless, Nicki looks better than her sister (at least from a distance), but her grill is fucked up!

  13. Stickever

    Something fresh, new and edgy for the Hilton girls. I love to see them expanding their modeling boundries.Aren’t sluts cute?


    nikki looks hot with dark hair but paris is nasty she has a flat ass flat chest and she looks like she could cut cheese with her big ol ugly nose

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