The Hilton Family Has Morals

Apparently pulling a Britney Spears was not in the cards for Nicky’s mother Kathy. That’s why the marriage ended up lasting eight weeks and not 55 hours long.

The junior hotel heiress, who had been wildly partying that night with her sister, Paris, and actress Bijou Phillips before getting hitched, asked for an annulment the next morning, according to sources. But Kathy was adamant that the Hilton family would not accept that, according to close friends. Instead, Hilton asked her daughter to hold off on untying the knot. [NYDN]

Note to Kathy Hilton – we really don’t think that highly of your family so it wouldn’t have made a difference.

No shocker here, but Paris is the immature one in the family, according to Nicky.

Do you ever get sister envy and want to be the wild one?

Paris is really young at heart – I’m the older one in the relationship. I’m always telling her not to do stuff. If she’s wearing something really silly, I’m like, “Don’t go out wearing that.” [Gawker]