The Hills Season 3 Premiere Party in Malibu

August 9th, 2007 // 6 Comments

The Hills Have Very Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair III

Taleen Ananian (ASL’s resident interviewing rock star) and I made the pilgrimage to the LG House in Malibu yesterday evening for the premiere party of The Hills Season 3. Stuck in some pretty heavy traffic on the PCH we played a little game we called “spot the producer” which ended up just being every grey-haired guy or gal with work done driving in a Buick. Needless to say, there are a lot of “producers” driving around L.A.

We also had some time to educate each other on the latest with Lauren, Heidi and the gang. The main topic, which would later become the overall theme of the night was that of the Lauren VS. Heidi feud. I actually didn’t realize how bad it was until Heidi and Spencer arrived and were clearly there very early in order to avoid any contact with LC and the rest of the cast. They also skipped out before the party even started. The word was also that LC’s people did not want Heidi and her husband-to-be Spencer (a couple that as our new friend April from Monsters & Critics pointed out, the Aryan Nation would love) to do any press interviews, but since they were so early they did it anyways.

Many more red carpet photos and more details on “The Hills” premiere event after the jump.

The wounds still seemed fresh as Heidi, Lauren, Audrina and Whitney all touched on the subject but attempted to stay positive and turn the focus back to the new season of the show. These girls know their PR. Some other highlights of the evening included our friend Andy Milanokis telling Taleen that he loved her face, Elodie abruptly ending our interview after one question (video to come) and the new hottie personal trainer giving us diet advice or something, I was having a hard time concentrating.

Anywho, we have all the scoop on video and will be posting it over the next few days. Check back for the first later today and be sure to tune in Monday, August 13th at 10:00 PM EST for the premiere of The Hills Season 3.

By Wayne Ford

  1. beetlebug

    Taleen and Wayne make a hot couple.

  2. Jinxy McDeath

    Looking at Heidi’s jawline, it might have been a wiser to invest in jaw shaving instead of boobs. She’s very masculine looking.

    Not to be picky, but anyways isn’t a word – anyway…

  3. illinoise

    Team LC. for life.

  4. denise

    Definately on Team LC. Do you all remember when stupid (aka Jen) had her big b-day party and Spencer and Heidi were beggining her to go out with Brody…behind LC’s back? If they were my friends I would have ended both relationships then….

  5. dot

    love love love them.
    fuck beef curtains!

  6. Jennifer

    “Dot” – So obviously Spencer that posted that comment. NOBODY LIKES YOU!! We just like watching your car crash wannabe life.

    It doesn’t matter what you say or call Lauren. Editors can not put words in your month. You mucked up big time, just admit it and we may like you a little bit more. Probably not though, we’ll still laugh at you.

    Get a job! How long can you run this thing for.

    Do you really think you can ride on the coat tails of Heidi’s musical career! That is never going to happen either. You are both deluded!!

    Future predication – Heidi dumps Spencer and runs back to Lauren. We forgive Heidi eventually and carry on laughing at Pratt. The whole thing is filmed and we have a new season!!!!

    I couldn’t have given that man a better name myself.

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