‘The Hills’ Return, Like A Skin Condition You Just Can’t Cure

Just when you thought you had landed on the perfect combination of creams and antibiotics, the recurring nightmare of a rash that is the MTV reality series The Hills is returning to television with new episodes. And if I’m to believe the trailers that have been airing incessantly on MTV, it is going to be an epic season.

Lauren Conrad keeps “losing friends” on the bloody battlefield that is the Hollywood club scene, Audrina Patridge is hooking up with Brody Jenner, Justin Bobby continues to exist, Heidi Montag’s crying silicone tears and nobody’s got a problem that can’t be solved by writing out a check and/or receiving a smack upside the head.

If you squint while watching the little snippets from the show, all you can see is highlights and tears. It’s amazing, really.

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Publicity photos from The Hills.