The Hills Just Won’t Die

Let’s recap, shall we?
Season 1: Lauren Conrad leaves Laguna Beach to pursue dream job in LA
Season 2: LC conquers LA with help of conveniently attractive entourage
Season 3: LC deals with the nauseating relationship of Heidi and Spencer
Season 4: LC is officially T.G. (too good) for this crap and moving on to book deals and her own fashion line
Season 5: Shoot me in the face, why is this list still going on…
For all 36 of you that are still watching The Hills these days, you can be thankful that MTV is renewing the show for a sixth season. For the rest of us, let us hang our heads in shame and ponder what this world is coming to when people continue to be intrigued by Audrina Patridge’s blank stares, Stephanie Pratt’s inflatable lips or all the incestuous dating of one another’s exes. 
And, although I’d rather get a bikini wax than watch the show, I would have to agree that if anything, The Hills has provided key coverage on fab new places to brunch around LA and feisty new music selections for my ipod. But even with my brief stab at optimism about The Hills, I can’t help but be reminded that it’s all Kristin’s fault that Heidi and Spencer even exist as a couple and therefore will forever boycott the show.