‘The Hills’ Are Alive. Damn.

Here’s “the cast” of the Hills on the cover of Rolling Stone. Remind me to cancel my subscription. Ok, I don’t actually subscribe but if I did, watch out, Jann Wenner! I’m not sure how these biddies got famous because that is not real life they’re reflecting. I actually watched it for the first time recently, and I wanted to give my eyes back to Jesus.

And for those of you who care, it’s all sort of spicy…ok, I can’t even lie. It sounds incredibly dull. Audrina, Lauren, and Lo moved in together. They had a housewarming party. Some old boyfriend from high school showed up. Justin Bobby got a haircut. Heidi made some ho stay home with her. Brody Jenner sucks. You know, the usual. That pained me to write.