‘The Happening’ Just Ain’t Happening

May 19th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Technically, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest attempt at horror will be happening at theaters at some point. The first reviews are out, and they leave little hope that Shyamalan was going to make a comeback after his last two crap-tastic movies Lady in the Water and The Village.

In case you can’t see the movie clip right now, imagine a bunch of actors asking questions over and over again in a very unbelievable fashion.

Compared the the last two movies, this one might be worth seeing for the sole fact that it’s attempt at horror will make you scream with laughter at the piss-poor acting, rather than out of fear.

Poor Mark Wahlberg. At least the little girl is cute.

By Intern Traci

  1. Gloria Goodman

    Could perhaps maybe people can wait until the movie is out before judging a movie, the acting, the director? I admit that I don’t think the trailer is anything to go crazy about & the dialogue isn’t that great, but .. give it a chance.

    I’m a big fan of Wahlberg’s & indeed Night needs a good movie, so roll on June 13th when it’s out…

  2. Stewie

    He really needs to get back together w/ the Funky Bunch.

  3. *manda

    i dunno. this movie was filmed by my home out in the ‘boonies’ of PA. i feel a slight hometown obligation towards it. plus, acting aside, i think the premise looks intriguing.

  4. LEESA

    i think it looks spooky and interesting….but then again i did like the village. i like that his movies make you feel spooked without all the over the top CGI mess–they tap into basic fear. i’m going to see it!


    Mr. Walberg has always lacked something to be desired as far as his attempt at acting is concerned. He may be cute and have a good body, but that does not a good actor make. His time is so over. Time to call it a day and pack it in Marky Mark. Maybe you can produce, for those who no longer can…

  6. Paul B.

    I liked the Village and Lady in the Water. I thought the were elegantly filmed and superb story telling. I look forward to The Happening. I think M is getting a raw deal from critics and those that do not understand the nuances of his storytelling.

  7. Garst

    Last two movies? I can’t name a single good movie of his.

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