The Great Wall Isn’t Just A Buffet in Indiana

February 23rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

And it isn’t one of largest man made objects viewable from space. Karl Lagerfeld will be using it as his runway for his Fall/Winter 07 collection.

The Daily proudly reports the find as Karl seems so low-key regarding the deal. Thursday he revealed backstage that the rumors were true. CEO Michael Burke also confirmed that China is playing host to Fendi creations. The Wall won’t be a side note by any means. It will be the runway itself.

“I have a lot of people working for me, like Mao.” Karl snipped without worry or hesitation.

Egad! I didn’t realize he could bend that way. Must be doing some uber-yoga to be able to kiss his own ass like that.

By Cara Harrington

  1. Tine

    Look at Karl’s stomach! Gross.

  2. Tine, great call! that was the first thing I noticed. “Kaiser Karl” is always ragging on women for looking like women and he’s always going on about how he starves himself and it’s much fun to see his gut hanging over his jeans. You just know they leave a major imprint when his minions peel them off. Ugh! LOL

  3. jenyc

    like mao? what the fuck, does he know he’s just compared to himself a dictator who managed to wipe out so much of China’s art history?! And killed millions upon millions of his own people, great person to look up to.

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