The Government Wants Your Help

August 2nd, 2005 // 12 Comments

Everyone by now knows that George W. Bush has nominated Judge John G. Roberts to replace the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court. Seven female Senators are requesting questions from you to find out what John G. Roberts is really all about.

Judge John G. Roberts has been nominated to fill the vacancy left by the retirement of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. This is a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land. Americans are curious about where he stands on the issues that will impact their lives like the environment, their right to privacy, corporate and business practices, the education of their children, the health care of their families and their civil rights.

As Senators, we believe it shouldn’t only be Senators that get to ask the questions this time around. We want the American people to have a voice. We want to know what you care about the most. Help us let the Judiciary Committee know the questions that are on every American’s mind.

I’ll go first. Boxers or briefs?

It’s Your Supreme Court []

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. here’s one that’s keeping me up nights: How did you prepare for your cross-dressing role of Peppermint Patty in your high school play?

  2. moss

    I think he should have to take all those stupid blogspot quizzes and give a full report. I want to know, which teen queen is he, which handbag, which desparate housewife, which dessert, and what i think is especially relevant…

    ..which evil overlord is he?

  3. Monica D will Pee on Bush

    If you oppose the nomination of a pro-life judge please go to and sign the petition

  4. ScrewU

    If he upholds the law, that’s all I care about.

  5. I can’t find anything bad about him. And that in itself is bad. No one can the perfect record he has without hiding something.

  6. Savannah

    …and if you oppose abortion because you believe irresponsible women use this procedure as their primary method of birth control, Smile. Because Supreme Court Justice John Roberts will soon be rocking the liberal bitches of this country when RoeVWade is revisited. Poor liberals will soon have to find a new method of birth control, or keep their skanky legs crossed. The days of butchering babies will soon be over.

  7. auntcarrie

    Whoo-Hoo Savannah! You go girl.

  8. Yes, Savannah…go girl. Far, far, away. And take aaaaaall your illiterate, bible-thumping, (supposedly God-loving) clinic bombing, hypocritical buddies with you. I don’t know which part of the country you’re in, but if babies are getting butchered there, you should call 911 and start turning those people in IMMEDIATELY. Unlike abortion, that’s murder.

    And PS – tsk, tsk…you religious righties have SOME mouths on YOU! Geez! Most of you could make sailors blush.

  9. doofus

    yes, cowgirl…those religious righties sure are compassionate and act in such a CHRISTIAN way, don’t they?

    what happened to “hate the sin love the sinner”? now it’s “hate everyone who doesn’t subscribe to your religion”.

    instead of preaching to them to try to enlighten them and convince them you’re right, just call them “liberal skanks”…that’ll be SURE to turn them over to your side…what with brilliant talk like that, how can they refuse?

  10. Savannah

    Bitch, who said I was a Christian?? Or related to any religion for that mattrer?? Pull your head out of your ass, you dont have to be a “bible thumper” to oppose abortion.

  11. doofus

    well, savannah…

    you may not be a christian or part of any religion (and your attitude shows it), but you certainly won’t win any new subscribers to your viewpoint with the way you talk to people.

    so, why IS it you oppose abortion? for most people, it is due to their religious beliefs…of which YOU seem to imply you don’t have any. So, I’m curious. If it wasn’t religion that brought you to your adamant views on the subject, what was it?

    oh, and just FYI, reversing RoevWade won’t outlaw abortion. all it will do is return the power of deciding the legality of abortion to the states. and most of us “liberal bitches” live in states where it would still be legal anyway, so you and the other Eric Rudolph types shouldn’t get TOO excited.

  12. Savannah

    Lets Recap; First you assumed I was a “religious righty”(clinic bombing, illiterate,hypocrite,etc).Now you say my attitude shows im probably not religious.

    Could it be you just dont have any clue what type of person I am? But you were willing to label me anyway. Thats what most liberals do, stereotype the opposition to support their arguement.

    Anyway, im more than aware that the Supremes can only overturn ROE at the Federal level, and put it back into the states hands. But its a start.

    For the record, I do believe abortions are sometimes necessary,in cases of rape, incest, or where the mothers health is at risk. Unfortunatley, in this country women having been using this procedure as BIRTH CONTROL. Since Roe went into law, roughly 35 million abortions have been performed. Do you realize there are doctors out there that ALL they do ALL day is perform abortions. Kinda like an assembly line. Disgusting.

    Well for whatever its worth, I apologize for my language in my earlier posts, it was inappropriate. This is just topic I can be rather passionate about.

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