The Golden Globes Were Pretty Gay

January 17th, 2006 // 12 Comments

Despite the fact that Heath Ledger didn’t win the Best Actor Drama prize for his role as the gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain, the ceremony was still a gay-ole-time. Phillip Seymor Hoffman won for his role as Truman Capote in Capote, and Felicity Huffman (she had a very touching speech) won for her role as the transsexual in Transamerica. Brokeback Mountain took home awards for Best Film (Drama), screenplay, director, and song.

It was the television actor winners that proved to be the most humorous in their speeches. Geena Davis, who won for Best Actress Drama for Commander in Chief, was probably the most humorous (lying to the audience is always funny). Steve Carroll who won for The Office had a pretty humorous speech as well.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of it all. Boobs. Two women’s boobs bothered me throughout the entire evening. Mariah Carey’s and Drew Barrymore’s. First off, Mariah. We get it. You love showing off the ta-tas. You’ve got a great pair. But what was up with the trying to act sexy while reading off the Best Song nominees? And that plastered smile she had on her face throughout the whole evening. She looked like her face was frozen in place.

More boob talk after the jump.

Drew Barrymore. Have you heard of a bra? Your tits were hanging down to your waist! And what was up with that dress. Hideous. Just hideous.

I almost forgot about Pamela Anderson‘s boobs. They looked like they were being hoisted by a sling. Don’t get me started on her cheap looking hairstyle either. Take some notes from Scarlett. That’s some good cleavage.

Other notable moments. Harrison Ford looked like he was a crazed stoned zombie. Which he is. Jonathan Rhys Meyers proved his is humorless. Was that a bra strap or part of Gwyneth’s dress that was hanging down during her introduction of Anthony Hopkins?

Who didn’t look so hot? The boob ladies mentioned above. Oh, and Melanie Griffith who looked like a cheap whore.

For a list of all the winners, click here.

Your thoughts on the Golden Globes.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lisa

    In that picture, Drew Barrymore looked like her Gertie character in “ET”.

  2. Wendy

    What was up with Penelope Cruz and MAtthew McConenhey (sp?), are they still together?

    Hedi Klum and Seal??? What the heck was she wearing?

    Johnny Depp, George Clooney Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

  3. candycorn

    there was a crowd shot of penelope and matthew at the same table together after someone won, so i assume they’re still going strong. i had no idea he made a movie with SJP, tho – “Failure to Launch” – insert double entendre.

    harrison ford – trying to do james bond, but coming off like a frat boy at the keg house’s “vegas night”

  4. Dwight

    It’s Steve CARELL, numbnuts, not Carroll.

  5. blabla

    i didn’t think brokeback would win though. too gay.

  6. Sandra

    Seriously, could Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe be any cuter? Like I know anything about their lives, but they seem very normal. Honest. Regular. It’s nice to see a Hollywood couple without all the pretense.

  7. fallgirl29…george…dear lord..that man just gets better and better…

  8. Krystyn

    George Clooney is unbelievable. He gets BETTER with age. Dayum.

    And Reese and Ryan were so cute when she won, I loved it.

  9. Fugly Girl

    Are you people nuts? George Clooney is NOT the most attractive man in the world. I find him very bland. Yuck.

  10. Anna

    Hooray for Phillip Seymor Hoffman! The man is seriously genius and has been one of my faves since Big Lebowski. Same for Joaquin, who I’ve had such an “older guy” crush on for years now… since he can’t seem to get a date worth a damn, it’s now time he called me.
    That is, unless Scarlett calls first. Seriously, so hot. And makes me proud of my normal girl body.
    And God, is George Clooney ever going to stop getting hotter?

  11. Could Drew Barrymore have possibly put on a bra or checked herself out in the mirror before going out of the house? Don’t get me wrong her green dress was very pretty if you could get passed the nipple show!

  12. Nacnud

    Dennis Quaid as an unexpected presenter was a fine, fine choice. Hot as hell. He and George Clooney both must come from the hottie vineyard — they both just keep getting better with age… YUM!

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