The Glamorous And Not So Glamorous Sarah Jessica Parker

January 9th, 2006 // 7 Comments

I’m assuming that in the photos of her in the rain, she’s in mother mode. A mode that she feels women have a greater sixth sense than men do.

The former Sex And The City star, 40, is terrified of anything happening to her only child, and insists only she can properly care for the three-year-old.

She says: ” Matthew and I have a thing with safety – (Matthew) leaving something out that I think is not safe for James when reaching up.

“He doesn’t do it intentionally, God knows, but I am always hyper-vigilant about safety issues for my son. Men don’t have these antennas that, as woman, mothers have.”

Parker admits parental paranoia [Breaking News]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Marly

    woof woof or should i say neigh???

  2. doofus

    SJP is, and always will be, a butterface.

    the woman CAN look good, but she’s got to have a lot of makeup, a good angle, and some airbrushing. well, geez, MOST of us can look good with all of that!

    I will say that she’s got a killer body, as I first noticed in “girls just want to have fun”.

  3. Em

    If I am not mistaken, the “glam” shots are really old, I think they were in the first issue of the relaunched Life Magazine last year.

  4. Green Eyed Angel

    Don’t make fun of SJP! She’s got the attitude that makes her confident and beautiful.

  5. Serenity

    Ewww….I’m not a big fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, if it wasn’t for the “clothes” she would be nothing. She’s so not cute, uhhh.

  6. elsie

    i think she is incredibly beautiful.

  7. robert

    is she going back to her square pegs roots?

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