The Gays Love Kylie Minogue

June 12th, 2006 // 13 Comments

If you ever wondered how much the gays love Kylie Minogue, this video will answer that question for you. Kylie made a surprise appearance at G-A-Y in London where her sister was performing, and the reaction was – watch the video.

“The crowd went absolutely mad when she got on the stage,” said club promoter Jeremy Joseph. “It was the most incredible and emotional moment — a dream come true,” he told Reuters.

Kylie makes brief stage appearance [Reuters]

By Miu von Furstenberg

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  2. Sounds like a cat in a blender…

  3. Sheldon Fipps III

    I think she may be a bigger deal in other parts of the world. Here in the states, her talent seems second rate, at best.

    I am glad that her cancer scare is behind her.

  4. MissNee

    no matter what part of the world you’re in, kylie is a very big deal when it comes to the gays.

  5. Scott

    I’m one gay who thinks she over-rated. She doesn’t have a voice (it’s manufactured), her moves are all stolen (see Madonna) and she isn’t pretty enough to be a beauty icon. What’s left for the gay community to love? Cheese, cheese, cheese….Velveta (at that)!

  6. jess

    Totally agree scott!

  7. Jeff

    “The” gays? Sheesh.

  8. Christian

    Well hate to break this to you Scott and Jess, but Kylie’s voice is far from manufactured. She is actually a bonafied singer who has does not use vocal tracks in performances. Check out her concert DVD’s I’m sure you’d look at her much diffenrently. Lastly, Madonna rips off of her. I advise you to look back at Kylie’s body of work and you’ll see she ventured into Electronica before Madonna (“Impossible Princess”), did the whole Geisha look (“German Bold Italics”)made riding a mechanical bull sexy (Agent Provocateur commercial)and even introduced Madonna to Stephane Sadnoui, Dolce and Gabanna and God knows who else. It’s just that Kylie is more a star overseas that you’d never know about these thkngs. Good business for Madonna, but she so misleads her fans.

  9. Sam Roberts

    Who cares what her voice sounds like, she is fabulous, if i bit short :) was standing 5 feet away from her in the VIP area of the Astoria right before she went on stage, was so incredible to see her looking so amazing after her recovery from breast cancer.

  10. CJ

    As an American, I can far better appreciate Kylie Minogue than Britney Spears and the over over-hyped, untalented trash that Music Execs seem to manufacture. Not one for celebrity (don’t understand the obsession) but I am able to determine an amazing soul and talent when I see one. Ms. Minogue is a survivor in many aspects, a true testament to the power and compassion of the human spirit. As per the negative comments posted, it takes a very dark soul to trash talk a human being who has done nothing personally towards them and brightened the lives of so many. A lesson for all…

  11. Kylie has a fashion sense far greater than those in America. Her voice is a gift which rifles the states. Her popularity isn’t because she has no talent (for her talent exceeds American superstars) it’s the fact she isn’t an advertising hypernightmare of a promotional gimmic that these meaningless Britney Spears clones are! Long Live Kylie and the genius which is her talent! From Steven in Georgia

  12. dean j

    i am the biggest Kylie from Australia and have been for 20 yrs. My wife and i go to see her co ncerts when ever Kylie has her concerts. She is the most talented entertainer, recording her 10th studio album all of which have created hits and she is the survior both musically and soulfully, give some credit she deserves thats quite rare in todays entertainment industry.HAIL TO QUEEN KYLIE

  13. perl

    christian madonna rips off a lot of people. crusty old hag. kylie is way better.

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