The Friendship That No One Cares About Is Over

The ten-year friendship between reality television fixtures, Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt appears to have ended. The two have maintained a relationship throughout their childhood, and it has survived two reality shows (“The Princes of Malibu” and “The Hills). Unsurprisingly, it sounds like the cause for the rift is, of course, some girl. According to, the two initially started drifting apart after Pratt made some unflattering statements about Nicole Richie in Details magazine earlier in the year. Brody didn’t appreciate the shots taken at his former girlfriend and when Jenner decided to mend a friendship with Pratt’s nemesis, Lauren Conrad, it was Pratt who was this time upset.

Much like he famously did to girlfriend Heidi Montag in last season’s The Hills, Pratt gave Jenner an ultimatum: to pick between him and Lauren Conrad. Jenner, sources confirm, chose Conrad and has been filming with Conrad over the last several weeks. “Brody’s doing his own thing with his friends, including Lauren, and Spencer is doing his own thing with Heidi,” a source tells Us.

I love how idiotic these two seem to be. It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone involved because they don’t even seem like real people. It’s like watching SIMS feuding.