The Four Seasons Has Had Enough Of Britney Spears

December 15th, 2007 // 6 Comments

What the hell is in that building that she’s so drawn to? Is there a friggin’ frappucino fountain? Does the pill dealer in Suite 352 have the best prices? Is there a certain maid she’s trying to jiggle her fupa for? The Four Seasons hotel is Britney’s home away from home. She’s actually there more than she’s at her own home. Probably so her kids and legal process servers can’t find her ass unless they log on to TMZ. Anyway, the Four Seasons might be over Britney. She was denied entrance to their parking garage last night in her white convertible. She was repeatedly told “you’re not authorized to come in here”. They’re probably annoyed with her because you know she has no qualms about peeing beside her car and has done so many times. Britney solved her problem by merely executing an eight point turn and pulling up to the front entrance. They need better communication between the parking attendants and the interior staff so they can bar that heifer from the premises completely. Seeing that crazy pull up to the front and come stumbling in on hooker heels would cause me to back away from the front desk and seek other lodgings. Britney also told paps that there was a “party at my house tonight”. See, that hotel is her home! Those poor maids. This isn’t the first time that Britney has been banned from an area. She’s also no longer allowed in Winston’s.

Photos: WENN

8 more photos of Britney Spears trying to enter the Four Seasons parking garage are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. now she has a real problem:


  2. Why is Britney still in the news? Disney must be real proud of their girl.

  3. Granger

    There’s something deeply psychological in the fact that she’d rather sleep in a hotel instead of her own home. Oh — wait a sec — if she stays at home, the papparazzi won’t be able to take any photos of her! So might as well head out to the Four Seasons, ensuring your picture is taken when you arrive at the hotel, when you leave for your evening out, when you return for bedtime, and when you check out in the morning. Thus, everybody’s happy.

  4. Jacob

    OMG…I live in the back of the Four Seasons, where the guest parking garage is located. Brit Brit has managed to turn our quiet community “UPSIDE DOWN”…..She is over at the Four Seasons all the time and always causing a problem with the street that seperates the parking garage and my apartment garage.

    They paps have ran me off the road twice trying to get to the garage when she’s coming down the street. It’s crazy they way they are driving and someone is going to get killed.

    I hope the Four Seasons BAN Brit Brit for LIFE!!! She’s crazy and should never be allowed near her kids.

  5. meh

    Jacob, why don’t you and others in your building contact the police and file a complaint about the paparazzi? Surely they’re obliged to follow the rules of the road the way everyone else is?

  6. eh

    Are people sure it was the parking garage for guests and she didn’t try and park in the valet lot? No one is allowed to drive into the valet lot off the street.

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