The Following Post Contains A Huge Spoiler For “Rescue Me” But It Also Contains Celebrity Gossip So Enter At Your Own Risk

Denis Leary has pissed off one of his co-workers in a big way. Keep reading after the jump to find out why. Was that a good spoiler warning? See, I care! I wish the firefighters on this show were actually hot. Cuz’ I’m not seeing any on the commercial that look like Joey Fatone! And firefighters should be hot! Why else would you watch a show about them?

Longtime cast member Jack McGee played the firehouse chief, and his character offed himself the other night. Apparently Denis Leary runs things up in that piece, and this guy feels it was a totally personal move to get rid of his ass. He also spills it that Denis ain’t exactly fun to work with. Well, his comedy is pretty caustic, what makes you think he’d be bringing muffins and empanadas to the set? Comedians are bitchy and tragic, it’s where they get the funny from.

Speaking to TV Guide in March during his last day on set, McGee alleged that the decision to off his character derived from an unnamed animus from the show’s star and executive producer, Denis Leary. He claims the two were once close but that in recent years Leary had barely spoken to him off camera. “I don’t know what I did to him,” McGee says. What’s worse, he added, is that Leary didn’t break the news personally. “He handled it like a mutt,” McGee grouses.

Leary counters that he simply doesn’t handle personnel issues. “It’s hard enough to deal with the actors when I’m acting with them,” he says. Noting that the series has seen his own character’s son and brother suffer sudden demises, Leary says, “It’s amazing to me that actors can think that the end is not going to be around the corner.”

So basically Denis is saying “die, bitch” and “find a new show”. I peeped the picture of the actor in question and that dude is a character actor that has been on like one trillion shows. So he’s not gonna have any trouble finding work. Every show or movie needs a craggy fat guy to play a bartender or a burnt out cop eventually.