The Fashion Disasters From the SAG Awards

January 29th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Rachel McAdams

JH: She keeps working those pink streaks. Unless she’s calling attention to breast cancer, she needs to get back on her Vespa and scooter back to Quadrophenia with that Twiggy outfit.

LT: As much as I am a sucker for a girl with pink hair (especially one who’s starred in “Mean Girls”), I have to order Rachel McAdams to stop trying to make that dress happen.

CH: Rachel McAdams had something going but I don’t understand the shade of pink in her hair. The cut is cute but the hues of bright pink clash with the look she is trying to achieve. The dress is cute in a wear-it-shopping-and-to-dinner-with-the-girls way, but paired with her lady lovely locks bright pink hair, it fails to impress on the carpet.

Find out who else made our Fashion Disaster list after the jump.

Ashton Kutcher

J. Harvey: Shave, asshole. It’s an awards ceremony. Or at least trim the grass. Jesus.

Lisa Timmons: Ashton is preparing for Abraham Lincoln’s biopic, entitled, “Dude, Where’s My Razor?”

Cara Harrington: Ashton Kutcher looked like he forgot his old trucker hat to hide that mess of hair. The shaggy look never works for the red carpet, gentleman. At least have the gumption to drag a comb through your hair. While the SAG Awards are a more relaxed atmosphere, you would think Demi would have him be a haggard caveman by day and clean up by night or at least at a black tie event. He may be trying to grow or beard which, under the right terms is acceptable, but it looks as though he didn’t make an effort in dressing himself.

Mary Louise Parker

JH: She has that terrified look you get when you know your outfit is ridiculous but your stylist was a pushy bitch and you just gave in. No one should let themselves leave the house looking like the wrapping chocolates come in.

LT: Mary Louise Parker, ever the consummate professional, is determined to keep a brave face during her red carpet appearance in an outfit she was challenged to design using only some napkins and old white belts in her own personal version of “Project Runway.”

CH: Mary Louise Parker looked like a tapeworm. Nude colors are hard to pull off and skin tone is vital in choosing colors to wear. The dress gave a muffin-top feel to her form and washed her out. The shoes weren’t helping as the dress was very feminine and the peep toe strappy heels just didn’t work with the dress.

Jeremy Irons

Why does he keep dressing like an elderly Asian woman?

LT: In an homage to Johnny Cash, Jeremy Irons can’t resist a splash of color to reveal that despite his deathly pallor, he’s still got a playful side and an indomitable spirit. We all wish him luck in his battle against whatever life-threatening disease he clearly has. (If I find out he’s actually sick, this is going to be very awkward next time he and I are hanging out.)

CH: Jeremy Irons…we get it. You are artist chic. You are echoing the theater and honing your apparent love for Shakespeare and shiny cowboy boots. Message received. I am all for making a statement and expressing yourself but there are moments when your image takes over and turns into a gimmick. Next time try incorporating elements of your odd style into something flattering.

Ellen Pompeo

JH: This outfit was hot back when Lynda Carter wore it on Wonder Woman pre-magic spin transformation. Remember back when she fought spies and her boss was a computer named IRA and she always wore her hair back in a ponytail? God, that was a hot show after they jumped forward in time from fighting Nazis to fighting evil disco dancers. What?

LT: Ellen Pompeo, honey, I hate to tell you this, but your dress is trying to eat you. And it’s starving.

CH: Ellen Pompeo what are you thinking? The slick backed hair, the Aborigine looking earrings and the sack-look didn’t win any of my affections. Skinny and bright eyed doesn’t literally mean you could wear a potato sack and look gorgeous. Everything about her was so unflattering. Not to mention disappointing.

Nancy O’Dell

JH: I know she looks pretty good, but as you get older your hemline should go DOWN not up.

LT: Barring the fact that Nancy O’Dell is pregnant and her dress is short enough for me to conceivably determine the sex of her child, I am thankful for that sheer extra inch and a half of material that is successfully pixellating the neighborhood of her lady-bits.

CH: Nancy O’Dell is pregnant and proud of it. I am guessing the hormones to over with the loud number she adorned happily stroking her baby bump. The super short length is almost cut to her hip and reveals a little too much for a mother-to-be. The overall busy appliqué appearance screams for attention and makes her look as though she was tangled in some kind of gold couture fishnet.

By J. Harvey

  1. Kelly Rummelhart

    I am a bit bummed ASL didn’t ask me to join in, but I’ll comment none the less :)

    Rachel McAdams- Is she on a reality show called “Mean Stylist” ?

    Ashton Moore, I mean Kutcher- He dressed/didn’t shave for work, but sadly, after several hours he figured out no one was Punkn’ him . . . he in fact was sitting through a boring awards ceremony.

    Mary Louise Parker- Case Solved- here are those darn Coffee Filters I’ve been looking for all weekend.

    Jeremy Irons- What’s under the pink fringe? I think I saw it in the movie Lolita, but hell, that was almost 10 years ago . . . and I’m thinking it hasn’t aged well either.

    Ellen Pompeo- I have a similar salad bowl, I could’ve made this for you less than $40 and one trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

    Nancy O’Dell- more like Nancy O’Hell- how is it that her legs are the same color as the carpet? I didn’t want to see her Vagina before pregnancy- newsflash, I still don’t!

  2. Meg

    I completely agree with you guys on all of these… I didn’t think it was possible for Rachel McAdams to look bad, or Ellen Pompeo to look any more sickly, but I guess we were wrong! And Nancy O’Dell… honestly, I’m always a little easier on the non-celebs on the red carpet, since they can’t afford the best stylists and barely anyone cares what they wear anyway, but this outfit is beyond excuses.

    I’ve written my own best and worst dressed list, you can check it out here:

  3. pilsbury

    Nice legs, errr that’s about it.

  4. Riplee

    Rachel McAdams is filming a movie where her character has those pink streak in her hair. This is why she kept showing up to award shows all dressed up but with funky pink hair that doesn’t really go with anything she’s wearing.

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