The Fans Have Spoken: ‘Eclipse’ Is Way Better Than ‘New Moon’

For fans lucky enough to have seen Eclipse, the latest film in the Twilight Saga series, they are bananas about it, to use an outdated slang term that distances me even further from what actual teens are saying. Here’s what some of the fans said, with the general consensus being that compared to Eclipse, New Moon sucked. Pun intended.

“That [film] was 100% better than the other two,” said Mariah Angulo, 18, who sported a shirt that read: “Team Edward. He can bite my pillows, break my headboard and leave me bruised anytime.” (How did she get all that to fit on a shirt?) She added, “It was really hilarious, and the action was amazing.”

“The proposal scene was … I mean, it was just … I have no words,” said 9-year-old Karolina Briones, who camped out with her aunt, Wendy Zazueta. “I want to see it again!” (This girl is 9 and is speechless? I’ve never met a 9-year-old who won’t shut up, so I must meet this person).

Even those without praise for the film as a whole decided that New Moon still pales in comparison. “I thought it’d be a little different,” said Vanessa Camburn, 26, of Redondo Beach. “I was expecting it to be longer; it kind of felt like things were cut out and the editing was weird at times. Don’t get me wrong, it was way better than New Moon. Way better.” (Way better! Eat your heart out, Roger Ebert!)

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