The Fallout From The Reese Witherspoon Chanel Dress Debacle

January 19th, 2006 // 19 Comments

Of all people for Chanel to fuck over. Especially with a dress worn previously to the Golden Globes by none other than Kirsten Dunst.

Reese Witherspoon is reportedly fuming after finding out that the dress she wore to the Golden Globes had been worn before.

The Walk the Line star was apparently wrongly told that the Chanel silver and white dress that she wore while accepting her Golden Globe award on Monday was vintage. It finally emerged that it had been worn only a few years previously by fellow actress Kirsten Dunst.

Reese’s publicist, Nancy Ryder, is reportedly now threatening to stop any of her high-profile actresses, including J-Lo and Renée Zellweger, wearing anything from Chanel again. Nancy said: “Reese was told the dress was vintage. It was not.

Yes, that’s it. A celebrity Chanel blackout. They can use Kirsten Dunst in their next campaign.

Reese is getting lots of love from her friends as well. She’s been receiving tons of $1000 bouquets of flowers from her friends.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lisa

    How embaressing! At least Reese walked away with a much deserved Golden Globe.

  2. Ket

    Is that the exact same dress worn by Kirsten 3 years ago?I hope it was dry cleaned or something. ewwwwww…..!

  3. paleface

    She should be more embarrassed by how poorly the dress fit her.

  4. tahlullah

    Strange that they both chose the same shoes and hairstyle to wear with it. Now we’ll all be force fed the “feud” btw these two. (roll eyes here)

  5. callum

    Not particularly fond of the dress, but it looks slightly better on Reese.

    Funny how both have the same hairstyle and shoes. Maybe Reese’s stylist actually took her inspiration from Kirsten!!!

  6. Katie

    I think Reese needs some bigger problems. If this has her “fuming” she needs to do some charity work.

  7. Jenrah

    These stars have so much freakin money but yet they still borrow clothes! Buy your own shit or have something made especially for you and this won’t happen! Damn Moochers!

  8. Fugly Girl

    I do have to say that I like Reese much more than Kirsten, but come on people! Who gives a hoot?!?!?! I wish that someone wearing the same outfit as me was my biggest problem. I’m sure we all feel that way. And besides, don’t all celebs want to be like each other? Don’t tons of them use the same stylist?

  9. CD

    JLo and others refuse beautiful, dresses and accessories from the HOUSE OF CHANEL because Reese Witherspoon wore a “vintage” dress and was embarrased…Yeah that’ll happen.

    Plus, shouldn’t you approach vintage with the understanding that it’s been worn before?

    I’d fire the publicist for making such a dumb stink about it.

  10. Girly Girl

    Call me jaded… but isn’t this REALLY just an excuse to keep Witherspoon’s name in the press during the lead up to Oscar???? Best Actress in a musical is tough- its been done- but it is tough…

  11. Brian

    At least they didn’t both show up wearing the same dress at the same time.Now THAT would have been interesting…….

  12. doofus

    jenrah, it gets worse…did you read what was in their “goody bags”?

    they always give away tens of thousands (literally) in every gift bag. trips to Antarctica, trips to some caribbean resort, ipods, sirius or xm radios with a year subscription, gift certs out the wazoo (and I’m not talking a $50 Gap giftcard…), jewelry, watches, etc…

    it’s sickening. just ONCE I’d like to see some celeb sell their gift bag stuff on eBay and give the proceeds to charity. or, even donate the actually goods to charity, and the charity can auction them or whatever.

    The things they get are things they can SURELY afford on their own (some people will NEVER be able to afford ANY of it) but get for free. when they say “the rich get richer”, they ain’t kidding.

    and the free stuff they get even beyond the gift bags…TONS of free clothes sent from designers that hope the celeb will then buy their stuff, free meals, free cars, free EVERYTHING.

    of course, they also have to deal with the likes of us trashing them all the time…but I think I could handle that…!

  13. Fugly Girl

    Doofus, I watched a show on VH1 about all the crap that comes in those bags. It’s insane. Now instead of gift bags they’ve started throwing these before parties where the celebs just go into a room full of electronics, clothes, trips, jewelry, purses, etc, etc and just puck out whatever they want………..for FREE!!!!!

    They showed footage of Hohan at this sunglasses party for Solstice and she didn’t just help herself to one free pair…………she helped herself to EIGHT FREE PAIRS! Argh!

  14. ShoeSlut

    I’m with you Fugly Girl… Come on! THIS is a problem? Another girl wore the same dress you had on BEFORE YOU? Puh-leeze. This is officially the dumbest concern I have EVER heard of and if celebs put as much thought in their CRAFT as they do on their IMAGE, it might be fun again to go to the movies…

  15. malcara

    yeah the free shit giveaway for celebs should totally be curbed, but thats still a fucked up about her dress

  16. whehe

    What I can not understand is that two celebrities picked out the same HORRIBLE dress to go to the globes. Okay…Dunst..I can understand but Reese! The dresses she worn before at premieres of Walk the Line were so cute and then wearing this to the GG what was she thinking??

  17. jadedgurl

    Reese is so fabulously dressed everytime, she’s one of the best dressed celeb in hollywood, so it’s really a mystery to everyone why she chose to wear this ugly dress. It doesn’t even fit well on her bust line area.

  18. Jenrah

    Doofus, I don’t even want to think about that stuff!! Uh, life’s so unfair! But back to the dress! I was really disappointed when I saw Reese. She always looks so great and that dress was nothing special! I hope she’s holding out for something spectacular to wear to the Oscar’s!

  19. doofus

    to jenrah and fuglygirl…

    take a look at this piece…written by a guy who HANDS OUT THE GIFT BAGS…

    if Adrien Brody wants a DVD player, why doesn’t he just friggin’ BUY one? aren’t they under $100 these days?

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