The Entourage Boys Hit Cannes

Since there is no “Entourage” movie in the works, what was the gang doing in Cannes? They were filming scenes for an upcoming episode for the new season.

But I bet Drama is already in hog heaven. The burning question is: Could “Viking Quest” turn out to be big in France? Will Drama may finally get his wish of being recognized everywhere he goes? It’s possible. After all, the French also love Jerry Lewis.

The other burning question is: Will Emmy voters finally acknowledge this great show? C’mon, give HBO and the lads a few more wins this year. It’s been nominated for casting, directing and writing for the past two years.

If they would only kill off Turtle, I’d start watching the show again. Can’t stand Turtle.


More photos of the “Entourage” boys in Cannes after the jump.