The ‘Entourage’ Boys Are Troopers

April 25th, 2005 // 5 Comments

Entourage filmed it’s second season with it’s version of the Sundance Film Festival having been shot in Ontario, CA as well as Hollywood and Malibu. The actors have a dainty wet down to earth demeanor. Adrian Grenier took the opportunity to meet up later with a select group of groupies/extras following the shooting of a small interior sequence that guest starred Harvey Weinstein. Jeremy Piven is the ultimate gentleman. With the vulgarities he contributes to compliment his character through improv, he personally announced his apologies consistently to the crew and background cast of mainly women. No diva tudes here. While filming an exterior scene shot at an active airport, the cast stood calm and ready for direction as a storm moved in casting a light drizzle from which the large group of extras exaggerated as unfair working conditions. Adrian had no fuss about the frizz happening to his hair, he delt with it by lighting a Marlboro Lights Menthol and affixing it to his mouth. Kevin Connelly threw his hands into the air as if saying, ‘what can you do?’ Jerry Ferrara bundled up in his blazer and waited in the manner of a typical Brooklyn native as the crew fumbled to adjust the appropriate lens. Kevin Dillon turned around to shout at the diva extras scurrying beneath the parked air craft, “Come on, you’re not going to melt! THIS IS SHOW BUSINESS! SUCK IT UP EXTRAS! SUCK IT UP!!”

[Thanks to Jessica]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Brandij

    gotta love those boys…I love that show!!

  2. Steve

    Best show on cable, good guys all around.

  3. thank you jessica, and Miu –R

  4. Iris

    awwwwe :)

  5. sara

    Ya, what a great show although they could add a few more great characters such as:

    They are Dead Moody bang on too!

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