The Emmys Tanked

September 17th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Shockingly, Ryan Seacrest emerging from his closet did nothing to help the Emmys score in the ratings. In fact, Emmy ratings haven’t been this low since 1990. Maybe it was that whole weird rock concert setting. Who wants to look at Ryan Seacrest’s ass as he talks to the other side of the auditorium? Not me. And I’m into that sort of thing as a general rule.

… the Nielsen overnights indicate that Sunday’s Emmy Awards telecast averaged 13.06 million total viewers. That skinny sample represents not only an 18 percent drop from last year’s pre-Labor Day installment but, much more dubiously, the show’s smallest audience since 1990 (when about 12.3 mil people watched as L.A. Law and Murphy Brown won for best drama and comedy). Even Fox itself, in its just-released ratings spin, cops to the fact that the Emmys ranked No. 2 to NFL Football among adults 18-49, 18-34 and teens.

Since “L.A. Law”? I think my grandpa watched that show! In short pants! Damn, Candice Bergen was on ages ago! Maybe they SHOULD have had Britney on to apologize. It would have made absolutely no sense, but neither does that whole “don’t forget the lyrics” weird bullshit thing they did. She could have stumbled about, fell into the audience, and given that Munsters-looking guy from “Everybody Loves Raymond” a cheap thrill.

More photos (Eva Longoria, Kiefer Sutherland, Ali Larter, Kathrine Heigl, TR Knight, Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventiglimia, Jamie Pressley, and more) from the Emmy telecast are after the jump.

By J. Harvey

  1. Darth Paul

    Awards shows are utter crap. That’s what happens when the entertainment offerings turn to crap, which is pretty much what’s happened in most of our media.

    As for Seacrest, choosing him to host was a kiss of death. He’s pointless and lame. He must be taking the DP from some MAJOR FOX daddies in order to hold onto the jobs he gets.

  2. Samantha Jones

    Well it’s not Gaycrest’s fault Britney nailed the final nail in coffin that was public interest in awards shows. People are fucking sick of no talent celebrities kissing each others asses and acting like they rule the fucking world.

  3. DottieDot

    Milo Ventiglimia

    Makes me think of Vegimite sandwich from the Men at Works song. Ha Ha.

    Milo Vegimite sandwich.

  4. peach

    Why doesn’t anyone consider that Sunday Night Football was on opposite – with the NE Patriots. After all the scandal with the video taping – people were tuning in to see if there would be any backlash.

    I thought Ryan was fine – and didn’t try to overdo it. He really wasn’t on screen that much.

  5. pinkiepie

    I don’t get Ryan Seacrest-what’s with the shit eating grin he’s always sporting-makes me think he’s got a secret. I really can’t stand watching him on anything.

  6. mike cooper

    Samatha Jones has it 100% right.What more could be added?NOTHING!!

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