The Ellen Barkin And Ron Perelman Divorce Gets Interesting

Things are getting mighty interesting in the divorce of Ellen Barkin and Ron Perelman. He’s hired armed security for his home so he doesn’t run into Ms. Barkin. What is up with couples who still live together during divorce proceedings? It doesn’t work.

In a bombshell move, Perelman has reportedly hired a 24-hour-a-day armed security goon to stand guard inside his palatial Upper East Side townhouse to avoid any unnecessary contact with his soon-to-be ex.

“It’s totally unprecedented,” whispers our insider, “Perelman’s always had a big security detail outside of the living quarters, but never inside the actual part of the house where [he and Barkin] live.

“The reason isn’t that he fears for his own safety, it’s that he wants to completely insulate himself from Barkin in case she alleges physical violence took place in the residence in the time leading up to the divorce proceedings. He’ll do anything to avoid the messiness of his nasty divorce from [last wife] Patricia Duff.”

“Perelman’s head of security, who’s this tough former NYPD guy, has been interrogating every member of the staff and threatening people in order to stop any potential stories from getting out. He’s especially concerned about things that have appeared in The Post.”

Barkin – said to be “completely blindsided” by Perelman’s demand for a divorce – has taken to “running around the house slamming doors and screaming,” we’re told.

Oooh. She sounds crazy!

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