The ‘Eclipse’ Poster! It’s Here! It’s Here!

Behold: THE image.  The Eclipse poster was released today.  With a little over three months to go,  the powers-that-be released the image to end all images (until Breaking Dawn).  To the haters and my parents, it’s just a poster.  But to me and my Twihards, it’s a ticking timebomb.  We’ve read the books (four or five times).  We know what happens.  But to see it actually happen-the fights, the sexual tension, the tent scene-Well, we simply can’t wait.

The trailer wasn’t enough.  The ten second clip left me with almost nothing.  Almost.   “I’m going to fight for you, until your heart stops beating.” You can’t save her, Jacob.  She’s already made her decision.

The poster is so simple, yet…so complicated.  There stands Bella, torn between her vampire and her wolf.  Then, the caption: “It all begins…with a choice.”

A few images for you, my friends.  It helps to imagine a choir of angels while clicking through the gallery. Ahhhhhhhh!